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VOX 3.3.8 freezes when using the playback icons in the system-bar (13)
Mojave dark theme: captions in VOX for Mac can't be read (2)
VOX for macOS can't connect to VOX Cloud (2)
CarPlay USB queue loss (3)
VOX can start showing incorrect album art (2)
Fast forward loop since iOS 12.2 (Bluetooth and CarPlay) (4)
Album art for SoundCloud tracks often missing or incorrect via Carplay (shows correctly in app itself) (3)
Local music playlists album art missing in CarPlay (3)
Duplicating Tracks & Other Folders being Ignored (10)
Playback issues since update (2)
Download Issue (6)
Random tracks no longer load (7)
Playback issue (7)
Battery Drain (4)
Series of bugs prevent me from using my Premium subscription at all (3)
My Vox Loop Cloud library only partially available on Mac (3)
How to report a bug (2)
Artwork missing ( 2 ) (28)
Can't sign up for Loop ( 2 ) (21)
VOX 2.7 Bug: Next button broken (5)
VOX 2.7 Bug: Play does not add all tracks (7)
How to report bug if there is no email in the bug report feature? (4)
Gapless Bug Fixes? (4)