If sent to background playback become crappy until window opened to front


When I open VOX and start playback of some song everything is fine, but when I minimize window and start to work on something after some time playback become crappy and stuttering. All this come back to normal when I move window to front



Thanks for your post!

Which OS and VOX versions are you on?
Did you try to re-boot the VOX app?
Does it happens all the time or only in some specific situations?


OSX 10.14.15 VOX 3.3.10 (I think it should be latest). Just now tried to restart VOX and now it is playing fine, but I think this happens pretty frequently without any pattern. Next time I’ll check VOX ram usage (already checked cpu and it was fine).


Thanks a lot for your post!

In the meantime, we will try to reproduce and locate an issue using our hardware.

Looking forward to an update.


The same here. It seems to me the problem occurs more frequently when I am uploading music at the same time (using VOX).