How to report a bug


Is this the place to report bugs? I love the iOS app, but sorta can’t believe that this bug hasn’t been noticed yet.

FWIW I’ll put it here: I’m running iOS app on 11.4.1. If I change what is the next song in the queue when there is only a very short time left until the current track ends, strange things happen. Usually, the song that I put in the top position in the queue is just lost. Depending on where that track came from (lower in the queue, from the library, etc), other weird things might happen. But bottom line: definitely when there is < 10 sec left on the current track, sometimes might be between 10-20 sec left, if the next track in queue is changed, the queue is screwed, and usually that track is lost. It is clear that VOX is preparing for the next track by “remembering” what the upcoming track is, and this “cache” is not updated properly if the queue order is changed too close to the end.

How can this bug not have been discovered yet? Or is it just that there is no easy way to report bugs, and most people won’t bother to find this forum?

But in general VOX is far better than the 3 other music player apps I’ve used, and I really enjoy using it.



Thanks for your report!

It is already known bug, but unfortunately, it has not been fixed yet, I will follow up our dev. team! )

We got an in-app messenger to contact our and our general support desk -, both might be used for this purpose.

Furthermore, special Bug Report category will be created for this purpose on this forum in nearest future.

Thanks for being involved!