[Mac] VOX is unable to navigate to the track after search from first time


I can reproduce it with latest VOX for Mac.

  1. Delete all sort of Caches:
    rm -rf ~/Library/Containers/com.coppertino.Vox/Data/Library/Caches

  2. Make sure Library view is Artist view

  3. Open VOX app and select VOX Cloud

  4. Cmd + F and search for some track

  5. Press Enter (IMPORTANT)

EXPECTED: VOX navigates to track

  1. VOX navigates to the band album.
  2. IMPORTANT: second attempt to navigate (pressing Enter) succeeds. Only the first attempt fails! Which is pretty annoying

Ideas: it looks like it might be related to the need to fetch the band info from server (lack of info in the cache?), but I’m not sure