Fast forward loop since iOS 12.2 (Bluetooth and CarPlay)


Since updating to iOS 12.2, I’ve been experiencing a weird bug when listening to Vox in my car (happens both when just using Bluetooth and when plugged into Carplay). Lets say I’m listening to something and decide to skip to next track and press/hold next button on steering wheel to fast forward a bit - Vox would get into a fast forward loop (or skip track loop) and the only way to stop it is to either start audio from a different app or restart my phone. Quitting app doesn’t solve it and trying to control Vox directly from my phone doesn’t seem to help either. I mostly listen to Vox in my car so haven’t noticed if other apps do that. When listening to SoundCloud via Bluetooth I haven’t seen it do that yet but SoundCloud app won’t fast forward so I can’t try the exact same scenario - skip track followed by fast forward of next track.


I lied about CarPlay. It only does it via Bluetooth. Switching to CarPlay doesn’t fix issue though. Even starting music in another app and then going back to VOX, it would still be stuck in this loop mode and no UI action can fix it. Only killing the app or restarting my phone fixes it.



Thanks for your post!

Please indicate what VOX and OS versions do you have installed?
If you perform a single press on “Next” button on the steering wheel, instead of holding it for fast forward, you get the same result? (Tracks starting to skipping to the end of the playback Queue?)
What music source do you use for playback when this happens? (SoundCloud, VOX Cloud or local music files?).

We will pass this information to our QA team and see what may have caused such behaviour.


VOX 2.3.9. Started happening after iOS 12.2 update. Never done it before. I’ve tried reinstalling app since then. It happens when device is connected via Bluetooth (CarPlay seems fine) and when I press and hold to fast forward. Doesn’t do it every single time but I would say 8 out of 10 times. I haven’t noticed it happening when simply skipping tracks. I’ll try playing with it more when I get in the car and let you know if it I can make it do it when skipping tracks also.