Search function is not working


Vox 3.3.17 (Build 3398.3)
Search function is not working.
Trying to search for a song in local collection or a playlist and result is empty.


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What VOX + OS versions are you referring to?
Does the search doesn`t work only in the Playlist or Collections tabs?
Does the search attempt returns “No Results” or nothing at all?
Can you make a screenshot of some example track in the Playlist or Collection vs what do you see when you try to use search to locate that example tack?


My Mac OS version is 10.13.6.
VOX version is “3.3.17 (Build 3398.3)”
Search function doesn’t work in the Playlist and Collections tabs.
It returns “No Results | Try another search phrase or check the spelling”.


@VOX_Support_Team any ideas?


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We’ve double-checked this functionality and all seem to be fine on our testing machine.

Please advise where do you keep your music tracks, added to Playlist, locally or on external drive\network drive?
How did you add those tracks to VOX app? From the Finder or from VOX app?


I’ve added them from VOX app. Internal drive, local folder.


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All information will be passed to the