CarPlay USB queue loss


Disclaimer: I don’t know if what I’m actually using is “CarPlay”… but I see a lot of people mentioning it so maybe it is?

I run VOX on iOS 12.1.2 on an iPhone 5s, strictly locally stored music. I sometimes listen in my car, by plugging in to the car’s USB port. I then have certain limited control over the player via the car’s stereo controls, display of song title on the car’s display, etc.

Problem is: VERY often when I plug in to the car, … or after I’ve been plugged in but start the engine… I have not narrowed down the exact circumstances yet…

I lose my queue. The queue I had is wiped out and replaced by a queue of whole albums, in sequence, apparently randomly chosen. There is no warning dialog asking me if I want to replace my queue, the way I get sometimes when the car is not involved and I decide to reshuffle. Just BANG… my (sometimes carefully chosen) queue is gone and replaced by albums.

THIS IS EXTREMELY ANNOYING. I think I can work around it by quitting the app always before plugging in to the car and turning the engine on/off. If I only ever start up the app on the phone while plugged in to a running car, it might be ok.

I know it’s very hard to debug problems like this that might only be reported by one person and very hard to reproduce, but at VERY LEAST, what you can do is make sure that existing queues are NEVER replaced without the user clicking through an “ok?” dialogue. If this is strictly enforced, then at least I will have the chance to prevent the bad result without going through the annoying acrobatics of having to remember to shut down/restart the app every time I get in or out of my car. Thanks.



Thanks for reporting!

Can you share what VOX version are you on?
Do you face such a problem under some other circumstances, rather than with CarPlay?


Thanks for the response. I don’t know what version of VOX it is… I can’t find that info in the app, but it is whatever is the latest on Apple’s App Store now. I do not have these experiences except in the car.

Last weekend I had a particularly frustrating experience losing queues a few times, even when trying to be careful… and one time it even happened when there was no other “event” involved - i.e. no plugging/unplugging the phone, or starting/killing the car engine. I had a queue, while driving, and then suddenly I had some albums that I didn’t want.

PLEASE PLEASE make it so that existing queues cannot be changed without user confirmation. My next workaround is to try to avoid the USB in the car, but use audio jack and AUX instead. If the phone needs charging I might plug it in, but maybe if I keep the stereo on AUX, maybe I won’t have this problem.