Album art for SoundCloud tracks often missing or incorrect via Carplay (shows correctly in app itself)


When using Carplay, more often than not album art (when browsing) of tracks from SoundCloud is missing or incorrect (often times it will repeat art from another track over several tracks). When you start playing a track, it seems to get the correct album art judging by the blurred background Carplay shows when listening to music. In the app itself it shows the correct art - only on the Carplay screen it does that. Again, this is only for tracks inside SoundCloud playlists - local music is generally fine.



Thanks for reporting the issue.

Please advise which VOX version and iOS version do you have?
Does this issue appear on the dashboard only? Does your iOS device show correct artwork?
Did you try to re-boot the VOX app, clear cache?


Currently using VOX 2.3.9. I’ve been noticing this since few previous versions. Using iOS 12.2 now but this was happening with 12.1.x also.

This is only happening on the dashboard. App itself shows correct artwork. Also when I start playing a track I can tell it has the correct artwork in the blurred background. It’s only when scrolling through playlists that this happens.

This behavior has persisted across multiple VOX and phone restarts.