VOX 3.3.8 freezes when using the playback icons in the system-bar


Since the last update, VOX (3.3.8) on MacOS (Mojave 10.14.3) freezes when I try to use the playback icons in the top-bar system-menu. The playback controls from the app’s window work ok, though.



Thanks for your post!

We are going to release an updated to get it fixed.

As a temporary workaround - you may try to go VOX: Preferences… > General > Menu bar and flag “Use Single menu bar control” checkbox.

Memory leak

Having the same issue. When is it going to be fixed?


Yep, noticed it, too, in the last few days.

Checked the version, it’s 3.3.8 build .1 on the latest MacOS.
Thanks for a vey good music player! If the annual subscription was affordable (say $10) I would use the Pro version.


@VOX_Support_Team just updated to 3.3.9 and this issue is still not fixed!



Thanks for reporting!

You may try to switch to a single menu bar control option, how it’s done: VOX > Preferences > General > Menu Bar > Use single menu bar control!

We will be glad to collect logs and pass it to the developers, so they could proceed with a fix!

How to do that:

  1. Quit VOX by cmd+Q (if launched)
  2. Open Console
    (find it through Terminal: open Terminal by control+Space ; put “Console” ; open Console)
  3. Click on Console Log (sidebar)
  4. Hit “Clear Display” at Console bar
  5. Launch VOX
  6. Try to reproduce that crash/issue
  7. Wait for ~1 min. to accumulate logs
  8. Copy everything in Console (Command+A)
  9. Save in text editor and send us saved file

You can find more details here:

Thanks for your help!


Are you guys going to fix this?! I have v3.3.9 and it is becoming unusable with this constant error! Every time I go to click on the system bar on my imac, it just goes to “Application not responding”. I will send you the saved error log. Thanks


Erm, how can I send you the log file? I can’t see any option.


Send us a link via e-mail, right here - https://vox.rocks/support


I found the vox 3.3.9 interface very user friendly and i was hopeful it would suit my needs, but unfortunately this menubar freezing issue that goes all the way back to April is yet unresolved.
I even purchased a subscription thinking it would resolve this issue.

The fact is it renders the player useless:-(
If you go anywhere near the menubar the player freezes.

As well upon opening Vox, the normal dropdowns (file, etc) don’t work so i can’t even get to the preferences.
This is odd because when i first installed it a few hours ago i could, so this issue seems to be progressive.

Can it really be that this critical issue hasn’t been resolved since April?
Did i really just waste my money and time?



Thanks for your post! A new version of both iOS and macOS version (includes menu bar fix) of VOX app is now going through the testing sessions, hoping to release them soon!

As a temporary workaround - you may try to switch to a single menu bar control option, how it’s done: VOX > Preferences > General > Menu Bar > Use single menu bar control!


Thanks for the reply:-)

I can’t switch, actually i can’t do anyrthing because there is no way for me to reach the “preferences” due to the fact that whenever i click on the menu dropdown it freezes.

And the only way to stop that is to restart or shut down, not optimal as you might imagine.

And even when i click on the main interface it does not show itself in the upper left hand side of the toolbar like apps do.

This update will be very welcome if it solves these issues, as i am not the only person suffering this problem.

Is there a Beta?

The interface runs of course, but i cannot control or adjust it outside the main interface.
It is as well difficult to quit.

Thank you for your response.



Thanks for your comments!

Please try reach our tech. support desk https://vox.rocks/support directly - they will do some testings and try provide you with some individual solution for this issue.

Once the solution will be found - we will post all details here.