Battery Drain


Is anyone elses battery draining really fast when playing from the cloud? Its chewing up more than 25% of my battery when streaming over LTE. I have a 256gb Verizon iPhone X on iOS 12 and its just annihilating my battery.

My library is all in FLAC. I am still in the stages up uploading my library due to the fact its close to 1TB.

Anyone else having this issue?



Thanks for your post!

Can you share a few more details about the conditions:

  • How many apps were on the background, approx?
  • Was the battery low or full?
  • What is the size of your music library, both local + cloud?


messages were running in the back ground, thats all

Battery was full

Library at the time was 75gb, I have 1TB of FLACs uploading.

I stream my music over LTE since I have unlimited data.


you said here “chewing up more than 25% of my battery”… but never provided a time-frame…

just for reference: running LTE technologies at maximum throughput (3500mW), will burn through the iPhoneX’s 10.35Wh battery in 2.957 hours, so if the time-frame here was 44minutes or more then you can say that this is to be expected.