Invest in the Future of Hi-Res Music 

VOX equity crowdfunding campaign is to finish on 19th of April.


Lossless files are to audio what 4K resolution is to video: crisp, high-quality recordings that make you feel like you're there in real life. Spotify and iTunes can't play these high-quality files, which forces users to listen to low-quality MP3s. As music lovers ourselves, we launched VOX Player to fill that void.

In case you didn’t know, VOX has an equity crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder. This is your chance to join us not only as a user but as an investor. You’ll get a part of our equity - don’t miss an opportunity to change the music app industry together with VOX! The campaign is ending on the 19th of April

Аs a bonus – we offer you Lifetime access for VOX Premium Services for all upcoming products in the Investor Perks. If you invest $500+, you will get VOX Premium lifetime subscription. Don't lose your chance to get it:


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Best-selling vinyl albums 2017

A vinyl record on a turntable

The growth in vinyl sales has been well documented the last several years. So what are the best-selling vinyl albums of 2017?  


  • Ed Sheeran - Divide 
  • Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds - Who Built The Moon 
  • Liam Gallagher - As You Were 
  • Elton John - Diamonds 
  • U2 - Songs Of Experience 
  • Radiohead - Ok Computer OKNOTOK 1997 2017 
  • REM - Automatic For The People 
  • Rag’n’Bone Man - Human 
  • George Michael - Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1

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Annoying things at concerts. Stop doing this!

Bruce Springsteen on a stage being reached out to by his fans

For most people, live concerts are the only times to feel most connected to beloved artists. We buy tickets month beforehand, anticipate the drive and energy, and then somebody just ruins it. Bad experiences affect us more than hearing our favorite hit live. I've been through this lots of times, and I'd always feel ambivalent about such gigs. It happens because we perceive concerts as a whole thing. I mean, when somebody asks 'How was the gig?', you start recalling the performance itself, the crowd, the overall vibe, and that jerk that spilled your drink. Here are some other annoying things that can ruin our experience of live gigs. 

People with huge backpacks

Come on you now. You're now going hitchhiking, neither on an expedition. I have no idea why take something bigger than a waist bag. If you for some reason have all your belongings on you, leave them at a cloakroom. 
A man carrying a lots of small bags
Girls wearing heels 
There's a special place for you in hell. 
A clumsy man wearing high heels
Bands that don't play hits
If you bought a Gorillaz ticket and Albarn didn't play Clint Eastwood, how would you feel? Would you be happy? No, you would burn the venue to the ground. 
An annoyed man hitting a desk with his head
Love is beautiful, no debate here. Couples making out with a horrible tongue-mouth mashup – not beautiful. 
A tongue-mouth mashup featuring Johnny Depp

When somebody spills your drink

It's a devastating feeling when you realize that crawling through the crowd was meaningless. There's no choice but go back for another beer.
A sad kid

When you spill somebody's drink, and they're mad

Give me a break, it's packed here. It's your fault anyway, you should've been more careful about your precious drink.
A lady from Star Trek saying 'Not my fault'

Tall people

Tall people remember: you are the least expected people at any concert. Stand as close to the scene to ruin somebody's day. 
A joke about height

For the best experience, use VOX Music Player for Mac & iPhone. Nobody's gonna ruin your day. 

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Why are earphones labeled Left and Right?


Does it make any difference if you wear them the other way round?

Yes, it does. Stereo recordings presuppose that the sound from the left channel will be coming louder from the left earphone. It isn't that crucial for music. This is more about videos. When there's dialogue, and somebody stands to the left, their voice will be louder in the left earphone. The same rule works for car sounds, gunshots, and other stereo effects.

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