Get FLAC player on CarPlay

Miss the lossless playback while driving? Get VOX on CarPlay now!

For the fans of lossless music, something worth getting a car with the CarPlay built in the car’s native infotainment system has arrived.

VOX becomes the only music player so far that plays lossless on CarPlay.

As any Apple’s product CarPlay has iTunes pre-installed in it. We know, however, many seek the alternatives.

If you are the lucky owner of Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Cadillac, Jaguar, Jeep and other fancy cars you can get an exquisite music experience listening to lossless through VOX on CarPlay.

Safety First

After you pair iPhone with your CarPlay, the already familiar VOX app pops up on the car’s display and you can start navigating through your music library.

No need to use iPhone. Just get to your favorite tracks on the car’s display through swiping or poking on the touchscreen. Keep driving safely.

What’s More?

With VOX in your CarPlay you get so much more than the regular music library built in iTunes. More than 3500 radio stations, SoundCloud, Qobuz, Spotify, and YouTube playlists are also on the display.

And.. Guess what? You can also access to your music from VOX Cloud – unlimited online music storage.

Download VOX from App Store now if you want to get the full power of lossless sound in your car.