How to download music to your iPhone? We know how!

Are you wondering where you can download music to your iPhone? The first answer which comes to mind would be using Music App (former iTunes), of course. But if for some reason you are looking for other options, we have prepared a list with possibilities, especially for you. We are sure that after reading this article you will know the answer to how to download music to your iPhone and will gladly check our options out!

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Native Music app (old iTunes) – how to buy and download music to iPhone

If you are completely new to the whole iOS world, chances are that you are not familiar with how Music App works. No worries, we will help you with it. In order to start using Music App, you have to launch it first. Now, if you do not have an Apple ID, you have to create it. Find “Account” button and click on it. Then, you have to choose “Create Apple ID”. Once you have filled out all the fields, you have to agree to Terms of Service. From now on, you will be using this ID and your password in order to access your media library from any device which has Music App  (iTunes on Windows) installed on it.

So, if you would like to download music to your iPhone, you have to go to Music app and choose "iTunes store". Find the song you like and click on the price. You will be prompted to provide your Apple ID password. Please insert it and click “Buy”, if you like, you can also save this information for the future orders. The process for free songs is the same – you just have to go to the “Single of the week” section and choose your freebie (just make sure that you download only one specific single, not the whole album, for the full price).

Transferring music from your computer to your iPhone

You probably already have a rather big music collection of FLAC and MP3s on your computer. Why not transfer some of it to your iPhone? It is very easy - use iCloud Drive sync, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Open Finder on your Mac and navigate to iCloud Drive (5 GB for FREE);
  • Click "File" in top menu > "New Folder" > create "Music Folder". Add the tracks which you would like to send to your iPhone;
  • Your music will automatically upload to iCloud Drive (notice: iCloud doesn't support a lot of Hi-Res audio coding formats);
  • Next step - your music will be available via iCloud on your iPhone;
  • Tap any track to play it within iCloud Drive.

iCloud's terms prohibit uploading and storing music content for which you don't have permission to copy or share. It could lead to the suspension of your iCloud account.

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How to download music to iPhone with the help of an app?

Using a specific app to download music to iPhone can be a good idea for those who is fond of apps and thinks that it is one of the best creations of humanity. It would definitely make one’s life easier. One just has to go to their App store and install a music download app that suits them best. The quickest way would be to go to “Search” field and then choose from a list of apps found. If the app you chose is available for free, simply press on “Free” button (right above the description and next to the app’s title). Just beware that some of the apps can help you download music for free, but you would have to pay for the app itself. So, if thought that the app will be for no charge, but the price is written – you will still be charged (however the music you download with this app is likely to cost you nothing).

Once you have purchased your music download app, you will be asked to sign it to your account. Then the download should start automatically. Now you can go back to your home screen and find the new app you have just installed. Open it and register if necessary. Browse songs and download the ones you like. Just always try to make sure that the download is for free – sometimes paid downloads may be hidden amongst the free ones.

How to download music to iPhone with the help of Music Storage & Music Player?

Yes, modern music players are also multifunctional. For example, VOX Music Player is not only one of the best free music players you could ever choose because it plays a variety of both lossy and lossless music formats in an outstanding quality, but it also has a number of useful and interesting features. You can start using VOX cloud music storage, which means that you do not really have to think about how to download music to iPhone because all your songs will be stored in your unlimited library. You will be also able to synchronize your Mac’s, Windows and iPhone’s music library and free a lot of space up on both devices.

Download Music to iPhone from Mac and Windows

By the way, if you are afraid that you might be left without Internet access for a while, just pre-download a couple of your favourite albums from VOX Music Cloud to your iPhone and enjoy it. Probably the best thing about VOX Cloud is not that it is absolutely unlimited, but the fact that the quality remains on top i.e. your FLAC files will always be FLAC.

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And the last but not least – VOX is an official Music Player for SoundCloud so if you stream songs, they will be streamed in the best quality. You will also be able to add songs from SoundCloud, Qobuz (3 months for free), Spotify to your Playlist (you can even mix them with the songs you already have!) – no download is needed! We think that VOX Player is a great choice for those who are wondering how to download music to their iPhone.

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Looks like some of the best solutions for how to download music to iPhone are found!

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