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When we can't enjoy Hi-Res music on iPhone, we usually use some audio converter to make the music more accessible. Here's why we can't keep on doing that

Most people consider 2001 as revolutionary in music, and it somewhat makes sense. It is the year when Steve Jobs designed iPod, a huge leap forward for all musicians and music lovers. However, now we realize it wasn't the best thing since sliced bread. The sound has lost its unique qualities given by artists, and we'd become so greedy that all we wanted was more and more music but less and less quality.  

We used to have some CD albums and were happy to enjoy those tracks; now we find an artist, download everything they've released plus EPs, live concerts, and remixes just because we can store all of it. Modern phone and player have 32 GB+, so space is no problem.

When we convert a Hi-Res song to MP3 or any other lossy format, what remains is the loudest and most hearable part of a song, but all the details and minor sounds are removed. It's like instead of going to The Louvre you look at Mona Lisa on your phone. Luckily some people prefer not to use audio converters to reduce file's size and want to listen only to original sound. If you want to know more about Hi-Res music, I suggest you read our clear explanations on this topic illustrated by the example of FLAC vs. MP3 rivalry.
Since Hi-Res are open to download, it's been a major problem that most phones and players don't support them. Sad but true, conversion and compression won this battle, but the war isn't over. For most, converting music to lossy formats isn't a desire but a necessity. It makes sense since Hi-Res files have significant size, harder to find and even harder to play, but, as we know, each problem has a solution, and today we will tell you why people prefer to use audio converters and how to tackle it.

It takes too much space.

Audio converter solves this problem. The most common problem is all about the size. But nowadays, there are so many alternatives like clouds, external HDDs, and NAS that it seems a bit foolish to prefer a distorted sound because of that reason. It could be OK if we lived in 2001 when 1 GB USB drive was a thing, but not in 2021. I do understand that everybody wants to listen to High-Quality music and a lot of it, but sometimes you have to choose the quality and the quantity. Or you don't?

WRONG! It doesn't take more time than it takes audio converter to do its business. Think about the following: while you are sitting there waiting for a lossy file, you are literally watching the sound dying. It's being ripped from all sides, and you can stop it. It's best to keep what is actually there rather than to make it even worse by removing higher frequencies and giving the song some digital artifacts just because you can't wait for a minute or two.Solution: Use VOX Music Cloud Storage for uploading Hi-Res files. No need for an audio converter. It took me less than a minute to upload "This is Happening" by LCD Soundsystem 24 bit / 96 kHz with over 2500 kbps.

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Hi-Res files are difficult to find

Come on, guys. It can't be it. I mean, it can't be difficult because Google. It’s just a matter of whether you prefer to listen to Hi-Res music or you don't care about the quality, and also how much you want it.

iPhone doesn't support most Hi-Res formats

Problem #1. When you have some Hi-Res music, the question is how to listen to it. The only good point about MP3 is that you don’t have to worry whether your phone can play it or not. However, it's not true that iPhone can't play Hi-Res music. Let's make it clear: iTunes can't play it, and neither iPhone native audio player, but there are HD music players, which are designed for this.

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I don't hear the difference between lossy and lossless

Whatever format you prefer to listen to, lossy or lossless, remember – there's always a difference. It might be hard to tell the difference between lossy and lossless if you have $10 headphones or use a built-in stereo speaker, but anyway, the distinction is pretty much evident.


The era of Hi-Res music has finally come, and it's time we all started experiencing a new level of quality with VOX Music Player for Windows, Mac & iPhone.
The excuses why use audio converter are no longer relevant, so if you ever decide to convert some Hi-Res format to MP3 regardless on the reason, remember that there's always a better solution to keep listening to high-quality. Conversion is an echo of past times, and Hi-Res is the future. Let's stop killing the original sound, the work of our favorite artists. We must pay our respect to them and listen to exactly what they record in a studio.
Listen to HQ music, feel the best sound and enjoy the vibes.n to HQ music, feel the best sound and enjoy the vibes.