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Listen to your favorite tracks the way they were meant to be enjoyed. No audio losses; just pure quality. High resolution music gives you the cleanest music connection to your favorite artists.

Experience the clear sound with player made specially for lossless:

FLAC vs. MP3

It’s time to retire the mp3. You enjoy HD quality on your TV, why not demand the same from your favorite songs? YOU deserve Lossless streaming & HD audio.

With today’s capacities and streaming bandwidth, modern devices can handle it with ease.

Give it a try and download VOX flac demotrack:

Download VOX demotrack .flac

FLAC - 44kHz 24bit - HD & LOSSLESS 56.2 MB

FLAC - 96kHz

24bit - HD & LOSSLESS

x8 more sound

MP3 - 44kHz

16bit - 128kbps

How Lossless works? (The Technical Stuff)

Everything starts with an original music track that was obtained directly from the studio of from a CD that is not altered afterward in any way. This is the pure, original WAV of AIFF file, fresh from the source and ready for distribution.

Musicians, producers and engineers spent their time and effort, and used a million-dollar set of instruments and equipment to create their masterpiece, making sure it sounds as clear and as true as possible on any device out there.

This is the essence of lossless; a music file with zero compression and zero compromises. When you play such a file, the sound quality is only limited by your playback equipment. However, such files traditionally take a considerable amount of disc space and use a lot of bandwidth when transmitted over internet. With CD audio quality, a single minute of audio takes approximately 10 MB of data. 
That's where audio file compression comes in to reduce file size, and here’s where the ‘magic’ happens to preserve the quality.

Lossless formats use sophisticated compression techniques to shrink file size without losing information in the process (hence the name, lossless), so the original quality record is restored fully during playback.

More Than 2x Less Size. Still the Same Quality.

With our advanced lossless functionality, you enjoy the same audio as was initially provided, right at your ears! Nothing is reduced for the sake of bandwidth or HD storage. In fact, we pride ourselves for being able to offer you codecs like FLAC that restore original audio data to a ‘bit perfect’ status, fully recreating the exact original audio file by uncompressing.

FLAC - 44kHz 24bit - HD & LOSSLESS MB

Popular HD audio file formats

Free Lossless Audio Codec. This Audio Format is like MP3, but has lossless benefits, it means that audio is compressed in FLAC but remains with original sound quality.
Audio coding format, and its reference audio codec implementation, developed by Apple Inc. for lossless data compression of digital music.
DSD uses pulse-density modulation encoding—a technology to store audio signals on digital storage media. Developed by Philips & Sony.
Used to digitally represent analog signals, Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) is the standard audio format for CDs, but also for computers and other digital audio applications.
Is a standard for Windows-based systems and compatible with a variety of software applications. WAV is both an uncompressed and lossless audio format, essentially an exact copy of the source data.
Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF) is a standard for storing audio on Mac computers. AIFF is both an uncompressed (there is also a compressed variant) and lossless audio format

VOX FLAC Music Players

Our Premium VOX Music Players are ideal for playing and streaming your favorite music tracks on lossless format. Enjoy music as it was meant to be heard!
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