Meet Qobuz – the best hi-res music streaming source in VOX (3 months for FREE)

Collaboration of the year – best on the market music streaming service is now available in VOX!

Step by step VOX creative team has been moving towards it ambitious goal – create a multifunctional Hi-Res audio app to allow its users to feel the difference in sounding they could never consciously reject. 
From now, the app has introduced a truly unique integration with one of the best Hi-Res streaming services – Qobuz
Qobuz functionality joins already existing synchronization with Personal library, SoundCloud and Spotify. 

What is Qobuz 

Qobuz is a French streaming service that specializes in high-resolution and lossless audio. It’s the only streaming service to offer both high-resolution streaming and the opportunity to purchase high-resolution music downloads from its online store (and the good thing is you don't need a subscription to purchase music from its online store). 

Qobuz is available in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

Integration with VOX 

It was the most obvious partnership that finally came true. Both apps envisage the same idea – the future of the audio industry is after Hi-Res.
On one side, VOX's unique audio engine and in-app customization of sound enforces its users to get the most outstanding listening experience. It's an excellent option for listeners who want top-tier audio quality and have the hardware to support it. 
On the other side, providing high-fidelity lossless and high-resolution audio, Qobuz aims to give sharp listeners a better streaming experience.  
The Qobuz catalog is home to over 70 million tracks, which is comparable to Spotify and Apple Music, but the type of music varies slightly. Qobuz features a lot of popular artists, from classic rock stars to rising indie-folk artists. What makes Qobuz so unique is that compared to Spotify or Apple Music, Qobuz is a huge step up. You’ll be able to hear songs as the artist intended and enjoy the nuanced depth of CDs and vinyl. 
VOX & Qobuz integration is designed to get the most of this synergy – all purchased from Qobuz tracks could be easily stored in VOX Cloud storage (let me remind you, UNLIMITED storage). 


So what is VOX now 

VOX is the place where such giants as Personal collection, Spotify, SoundCloud and Qobuz meet. Accompanied by unique features of VOX the user can simply get the most of each app in one place. Equalizer, unique audio engine, SONOS support, even radio. Moreover, having a Premium subscription allows keeping all tracks in an unlimited cloud storage. 
Be the first to grab your 3-months for FREE Qobuz is you log in through VOX.
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Google Play Music music exit. VOX enters the scene

Google play music is not available any more? Don’t stop listening to music - try VOX now!
Since today Google Play Music has stopped providing services for its users around the World. Some users still have access to the service, however the service will be terminated for all by the end of this month.


It's time time to try VOX Music Player with Unlimited music cloud storage and advanced Audio features. Get Unlimited Music Cloud with 25% off today only. Use RIPGPLAY coupon at checkout.
Learn more about different between Google Play Music and VOX Cloud.

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VOX for iPad is here

Finally, VOX for iPadOS is joining our family. 

Our engineers did a great job of delivering all features of the original VOX Music Player on iPad - lossless sounding, equalizer, unlimited cloud storage, and more. From NOW on, you can enjoy the uncompromised sound quality of your music on any Apple device – Mac, iPhone, or iPad.  

VOX Music Player is using a unique audio engine which allows listening to music stored in the cloud without any compression and quality losses. This brings our users to a new level of listening experience! Don't hesitate to release your true inner audiophile! 

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VOX Music Uploader

We would like to inform VOX Uploader users that the app will be replaced but the new generation app – VOX Universal. Since, support for VOX Uploader will be abandoned.  Download VOX Universal – here.

It's a Beta version of VOX Uploader for Mac and Windows:

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From today you can simply upload gigabytes of music to VOX Cloud. We're glad to hear all your opinions about this app. Also, we're working hard on the NEW app for Mac & Windows, which will be very useful for your music. Thanks for choosing VOX!

VOX Uploader
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