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While most streaming services provide millions of songs in the worst possible quality, our team has created the audio player that supports all popular audio formats, includes an unlimited online storage and is easy to use. It was a difficult journey, but we are finally ready to present you our best creation – VOX Premium. Our player combines the newest audio technologies with a simple and aesthetic design so that you focus on listening to your music.


It’s all about advanced audio

VOX Team puts audio quality above all. Now that Hi-Res has taken over low-quality music, our developers, with over ten years of experience in audio engineering, have designed a powerful BASS Audio Engine that makes the most out of Hi-Res music using advanced audio settings. Aside from the Equalizer, they include BS2B, Hog Mode, Crossfade, Apple Audio Units and many others. They all aim to enhance your listening experience with VOX Music Player. Advanced audio settings are exclusively available for VOX Premium subscribers.

Unlimited Music Cloud

Although we openly advocate listening only to Hi-Res music, we realize that such files take up too much storage. To solve this issue, we’ve developed VOX Music Cloud – an unlimited online storage where you can upload your music, regardless of its size and format, and then stream from it. Unlike other music clouds, VOX Cloud Storage doesn’t compress your audio files so you can stream in the original quality to your Mac, iPhone & Windows.

VOX Cloud Storage is a great tool to listen to Hi-Res files on iPhone or iPod Touch on the move. In case you have no cell service, you can download any track, album, and playlist for offline listening.

Upload all your Hi-Res collection to the cloud and stream it to all devices connected to your VOX account. Easy.

VOX Music Cloud doesn't reduce the quality of your tracks. Stream Hi-Res music to iPhone and enjoy the chills.

VOX Music Cloud has limitless storage capacity. You can upload there as much large FLACs as you wish. Perfect solution for HI-Res files.

Music Library Sync

Original Playback

Infinite Storage

What's inside?

VOX Music Cloud

Unlimited online storage for your entire music library. Get quick access to your files wherever you are.

Sync Playlists

When you create playlists on any device, they appear on all the other.

Advanced Audio Settings

The customizable 10-band equalizer gives you control over the tiniest details of the sound. The EQ includes over 30 presets for various genres.

World Radio Stations

Listen to over 30,000 radio stations from all around the world. The list includes both popular and underground ones.


When listening to music with headphones, BS2B makes it sound as if you were listening to music in a studio. This creates the effect of massiveness of the sound.


This feature can either create a pause between tracks or erase it completely. The latter is a must for Pink Floyd tracks.

Add Extra Volume

If you ever lack loudness, you can increase max volume to 200%. It’s a great option when your portable speakers are dead.

Audio units

Create and add real-time audio effects to your music using Apple's Audio Units.

Hog Mode

Set your music in VOX to the highest priority to avoid other undesired sounds like notifications.

Sync Sample Rate

This feature sets the sample rate of your output device to the sample rate of your audio file. This results in less CPU consumption.

Sonos Support

Listen to your music using the full power of Sonos Speaker. Sonos works best with Hi-Res files.

DLNA Support

Share your music across all your devices connected to your network using DLNA. Coming soon.

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