Who Makes All That Magic Behind VOX Possible?

It’s Coppertino! Nope. Not the Cupertino, the hometown of Apple Inc. That’s a random coincidence. Coppertino is a company blessed with the talented & innovative team of music lovers and tech geeks.

Our main pride and brainchild is the best music player for Mac and iPhone— VOX. What’s the big deal about it? Well, it’s the reflection of our ultimate goal - to produce a lightweight yet full-featured audio player that can play many file formats from various sources. If you ask us, we also have put a new challenge in front of us - to make the cloud music streaming better.

Ivan Ablamskyi
founder & ceo

The visionary of our squad. Open-minded leader who challenged himself to change music software industry.

Serhey Tkachenko
Technical Lead

800 horsepower developer. He’s a real slayer who loves coding, beer and music. Now you see why he’s in the team.

Oleg Naumenko
Audio Engine Developer

The legend says he was Leonardo Da Vinci's brother in previous life. He makes art out of VOX’s audio engine development, indeed.

Julia Petrus
Marketing Lead

She’s the soul of the team. Her guidance in marketing campaigns makes her Coppertino’s true guardian angel.

Serhey Lem
Software Developer

This guy visited Chernobyl and came back with even more skills than before. We can't imagine the team without all his talents.

Stanislav Demianchuk
Web developer

Works till the dawn and parties hard afterwards. That’s how Andrey handles every task he’s assigned to.

Bozhena Sheremeta
Creative Marketing Specialist

Beautiful marketing fairy from the front cover of the magazine. She’s always up for anything that involves new ideas.

Yuriy Nadopta
Quality Assurance

He’s the last barrier to the invasions by the strongest bugs. He might miss the latest release of Adele’s album, but not the crashes.

Alexander Samoylik
Graphic Designer

He knows what looks beautiful, sharp and smart. That’s the best vision the graphic designer can ever have!

Konstantine Kakabadze
Support Engineer

Customer care officer. Feel free to ask this guy for anything you want and he will assist you.

Eugene Moroz
Project Manager

The team’s lighthouse. Eugene is the head controller of all our projects and makes sure everyone is doing the right things the right way.


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