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Music Cloud Storage

We have made music a seamless and hassle-free experience. Loop Music Cloud is extremely user-friendly and intuitive, offering premium features and unparalleled functionality.

Register to Loop Music Cloud Storage

To get started you need to create your personal Loop account. Just visit our registration page or use the form to the right. To build trust, we are glad to offer you a 3-day trial first.

Get VOX Cloud Music Players

Loop Music Storage comes with Premium-Class Cloud Music Players. Download VOX Music Players to manage and play your music library, and enjoy music as it was meant to be.

VOX Player for iPhone  Loop music cloud
VOX Player for MAC  Loop cloud for music
Loop music storage

Upload Your Music into Cloud

Start to upload your Music into Loop Music Cloud through the user-friendly uploader inside VOX Music Players, or do it directly from your Account Page*
*Some Browsers have File Size Limit ~250MB
vox cloud music player
Loop music storage

Sync & Play. Up to 5 devices.

Just sign in into Loop account using VOX Cloud Music Player for MAC & iPhone, and you will automatically get you synced music to all your devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Loop for VOX?
It’s an entirely new way to store, access and sync your entire music library that’s built into VOX Music Player for Mac & iPhone. All music stored inside LOOP cloud can be streamed in full quality to any device with VOX Player for Mac and iPhone apps, and this music can also be cached for playing offline.
Are there any limitations to music uploading?
You are not limited on how much you upload. Moreover, you can upload there any music file format, and it will be played on your devices without quality loss. Due to browser restrictions, we highly recommend uploading via VOX for Mac app. Although, for those, who have not Mac, there is a web uploader on loop account page. File size limit is 250Mb.
How can I sync my music in VOX for Mac and VOX for iPhone?
After uploading music via VOX Player for Mac, it will appear on all of Your devices (Mac & iOS) immediately, ready for streaming or saving for offline.
Do I need internet connection to play files stored in Loop?
Yes, Loop for VOX is the streaming service and you need an internet connection to play it on your device. However, you can download album\track on your iPhone from the Loop and play it without internet connection as a local file. Downloaded items have orange dot indicator. You can remove it from “Downloaded tracks” in the same way.
How can I save my cellular or roaming data?
To save the mobile data plan, you can download few albums offline before leaving home and listen to them offline. Downloaded files can be removed in one tap (in settings) and phone memory is free again.
Does LOOP downsample or alter files anyway?
LOOP will not downsample, or alter Your files. Lossless stays Lossless! files remain untouched and can be downloaded back in their original form.
Is LOOP safe to use?
Even if your computer has a meltdown, your music is safe in LOOP and can be downloaded back. All files stored online by LOOP are encrypted and are kept on different servers across several data centers. It’s much safer than storing music on external/network drives.
How can I use Loop for VOX after trial ends?
When your trial ends, in order to continue using Loop - you would need to purchase a subscription. You are free to choose one out of two subscription type for your account.
  • subscription in the AppStore from your iPhone. Check settings in your VOX Music Player.
  • subscription using PayPal or credit card from a desktop version. Check preferences - Loop tab.
Please check available plans in VOX Music Player app.
Is there any way to limit the upload speed for Loop?
Yes, you can definitely do that! Just click on Loop icon on menubar, and select "Preferences". Right under "General" you can find the option to limit the uploading speed.
Who can use Loop for VOX?
Anyone with an Apple ID and OS X 10.10+ or you should be at least on iOS 8. Just download VOX Music Player for Mac and iPhone.
Does Loop stream or download songs?
On a computer, any songs stored in Loop will stream over the air when played, though you can download them at any time, just right-click on the Album and choose "Download". On iOS VOX it works the same, for downloading just swipe to the left and choose "Download".
Which music formats can Loop for VOX handle?
You can upload and play all popular music formats as AAC, MP3, WAV, AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, OGG and more! All music is uploaded and played in the native format, we don't convert it.
How many devices can Loop for VOX support?
You can use it on up to 5 devices. Doesn't matter what devices, iPhones or Macs.