Premium iOS music player for Hi-Res music with different sources to play any music files, with ultimate sound quality. 

Also available on macOS

Hi-Res Music On-the-Go

Enjoy uncompromised sound quality from your pocket with VOX Music Player on your iPhone. Powerful functionality, intuitive controls and all popular audio formats supported.

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VOX: iOS Music Player for True Audiophiles

Personal & iTunes Music

Play your personal iTunes music or personal collection as the most powerful iTunes alternative.

30.000+ Radio Stations

Built-in radio app feature gives you access to thousands of radio stations around the world, categorized by country and genre for convenience and quick browsing.

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Unlimited Cloud

Get unlimited storage for your music collections. Upload your music, regardless of its size and format, and then stream from it.

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Qobuz & SoundCloud

Connect your favorite music streaming services. Search and listen to music with high sound quality.

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Audio Settings & Features


VOX gives you full freedom to experiment with the sound, using the manual and preset modes.


Improve stereo audio record quality. Recommended for headphone use to prevent superstereo fatigue.

More than Playlists

Add tracks from different sources such as iTunes, YouTube, and SoundCloud into one Collection.

CarPlay Support

Enhance your iPhone music player experience with additional playback control extensions.

Last.FM Scrobble

Allows music or consecutive tracks to be heard exactly as they are mastered, without gaps between tracks.

SONOS Support

Play All Your Music from VOX Player for iPhone straight to SONOS Devices.
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VOX: Equalizer on your iPhone

Powered by Bass ™
State-of-the-art Hi Resolution 4 or 5-band Parametric EQ coupled with fast and unobtrusive Live Spectra Analyzer, for excellent correlation between hearing and frequency adjustment. (You see what you hear and equalize accordingly).
EQ allows free-hand real-time adjustments using just one finger for both frequency and gain. Also allows controlling filter bandwidth using zoom gesture. Uses Automatic Gain Compensation (AGC) to avoid distortion on boost.
Plus, enjoy dozens of presets to quickly perfect your iOS music player experience. 

Integrated Unlimited Music Cloud

Cloud storage usually compresses music files, degrading playback quality. With VOX Cloud, the unlimited cloud-based music storage built into the VOX music player, you can stream both lossless and lossy music to your iPhone that you uploaded on multiple devices without losing the quality.

  • Sync your VOX for iOS & VOX for Mac
  • Unlimited Music Storage
  • No Formats Conversion
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Listen to Quality Sound

This is the ultimate iPhone music app, but words alone cannot convey the sheer difference in quality. 
It is time to listen it for yourself and enjoy the full music power of hi-res quality — Get VOX Music Player for iPhone now:

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