VOX Universal Beta v07.28: Release Notes, Download links, etc


VOX Universal Beta

We are excited to announce we are starting VOX Universal’s open beta testing sessions. The new cross-platform VOX Cloud streamer, editor, and uploader.

Download links:
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In case of problems, please reach our tech. support desk https://vox.rocks/support
Please leave your feedback here: VOX Universal Beta: Feedbacks or send them directly to our support desk!

Release notes: beta 0.7.03


  • Added "Are you sure" warning when deleting library items
  • Added new "Are you sure" warning (with checkbox), when clearing Play Next items
  • "Show warning" and "Reset all warnings" toggles have been added to Settings
  • Added “Upload Music” button to the sidebar.
    Users now can add files or folders to the upload queue using the dialog window, besides Drag&Drop to VOX Universal app!
  • Added HD label to lossless Albums
  • Added "Album" and "Artist" sort options to Songs view
  • Added "Artist" sort option to Albums view


  • Playback updates and fixes
  • Fixed close notification button not working on the login screen
  • Fixed caching of the audio tracks on Windows
  • Fixed auto-hiding of empty Albums and Artists
  • Fixed queue clearing when new tracks are added or when starting playback in the shuffled mode
  • Fixed error on deleting Playlists, Albums, and Artists which had been added to a Playback queue
  • Playback fixes (mini-player stuck in playing state with no track, parallel playback, etc)
  • Fixed Playlist unexpected closure
  • Fixed Playlist creation using the track`s context menu
  • Fixed error on Playlist deletion

Performance Updates:

  • Significantly improved time to load big libraries
  • Upload stability improvements
  • Sync process improvements

VOX Universal Beta: Feedbacks

Update: v0.7.12

Bugfixes:beetle: :

  • Fixed “Empty Albums” on first Sign In
  • Playback related bugs
  • Fixed sort menu hiding when changing the sort order
  • Fixed Mute
  • Fixed Cloud sync related bugs

Features :star:


  • Playback stability updates
  • Improved support of .cue files
  • Improved support of m4a files
  • Playback progress algorithm updates
  • Add to Queue and Play next buttons have been added to the context menu in Artist view


  • Updated cloud sync algorithm
  • Added “Loading…” progress.
  • Updated Artwork caching procedures

Artwork management:

  • Added Upload and Delete artwork functionality (using Edit in the context menu) for albums, artists, playlists, and playlist items
  • Added context menu to open artwork editor for the album, artist, playlists.
  • Added context menu and play button to album view artwork
  • Added ability to delete uploaded artwork in the editor
  • Tweaked Artwork displaying


If you have faced issues while updating, please re-install the app. You can find the download fresh links below:

image image

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Difficulty Naming Collections

Update: v0.7.28

  • Re-worked the UpSync and DownlSync processes

  • Overall layout fixes

  • Fixed disappearing Albums issue

  • Some layout changes inside the Playlist

  • Context menu buttons are added to the view inside the Playlist

  • Added output management, now the user can change the output within the VOX Universal.

  • New Edit functions available for Tracks, Albums, Artists:

Merge: Users can Merge Albums and Merge Artists, by editing the Album`s or the Artist`s name.
Move: Users can Move Albums or Tracks, to do that just edit Album`s Artist name or Track`s Album name.

If you have faced issues while updating, please re-install the app. You can find the download fresh links below:

image image