Incorrect Cover Art


VOX loads the most fucking stupid/wrong album art for my albums, all of which are classical/Avantgarde. It’s just shit. Junk images loaded at random. Every album I upload comes with a cover.jpg image. VOX ignores this. So uncool.


Thanks for reaching out!

Please advise if your tracks are uploaded to VOX Cloud or stored locally?
What are the audio formats?

Please reach our tech. support desk to have it sorted!


All FLAC file formats, accompanied by cover.jpg & cover.png album art.


@vox7 I’ve run into similar problems with more eclectic artists or unreleased (online) material. I always make sure that my flats DO NOT have any residue artwork still embedded – sometimes embedded images will not show up in Finder Preview, so it’s best to confirm this using your metadata editor. Also it’s best to make sure that cover.jpg OR cover.png are the only file at that level. So don’t include both the JPEG & PNG versions…

You will have to delete these albums from VOX Cloud and re-upload the revisions.

Let me know if that helps…


Good news everyone!

Artworks now can be now edited using VOX Universal (beta), and we are also going to add this functionality to the VOX Music Player for macOS too!

You can customize the Artist artwork displayed in the VOX app using VOX Universal (beta), all changes are going to be synced across all devices associated with your VOX account.


If you have faced issues while updating, please re-install the app. You can find the download fresh links below: