No albumcover in Collections


I know this is not the first time there is a topic about artwork (albumcovers) not showing up in collections. That’s why I don’t understand that the problem still exists.

Everytime a read that the artwork must be embedded in de MP3 file. In all my albums the artwork is embedded in the MP3 files. In the section “Vox Cloud” all the albumcovers are visible, but in the collections NOT ONE cover is visible. What do I do wrong? see the example!


Thanks for your post!

Please advise if you’ve managed to create a Collection using VOX Music Player for macOS or VOX Uploader (beta)?

Actually, you can edit your Synced Collection`s Artwork using VOX Universal (beta), here is a related topic about VOX Universal: VOX Universal Beta v07.12: Release Notes, Download links, etc


the Universal app works nice. Thank you!