Wrong group picture on main screen


I don`t understand where vox get group picture but Induction group has this description in iTunes

and vox has this

i think it is abnormal programming

PS and continuing troubles with PNG file as song picture
look at last screen - we Are the Others has absolutely different picture in file


VOX can parse and sync the cover emded to the files, but please make sure the cover is actually there!

As for the Artist cover, music files do not have an option to store the cover for the Artist, it works only for the Album covers, which is why VOX searches for the Artist cover on web.

iTunes does the same, but results may vary.

You can use VOX Universal (beta) to edit an Artist cover on PC or Mac and it will be displayed across all your devices in VOX.

Here is a related topic: https://vox.rocks/forum/t/vox-universal-beta-v07-12-release-notes-download-links-etc/12980/7


I had i big emailing with vox support team some time ago with examples from vox on mac and ios - it continued stay wrong for covers in png-format. ios continue get it from file it like and distribute it to all song-files has png cover art.


And VOX Universal next thing to same type library like iTunes and get another one library on my mac it looks like foolish thing. Thanks but no.
Just check your code for artist art - it works wrong.