Artist Artwork - Ability to change it ourselves at some point?


In all seriousness this is my biggest complaint about this platform these days.

This has been requested and mentioned multiple times for the last 7 years and we tend to get the same reply: “We pull all of our artist artwork from or other sources etc.” This would be fine except that half the time it is the wrong artist entirely or it is just left blank, forget for a moment those of us willing to do the footwork to upload our own choice of artist portrait (as many of us do for the album covers) and are not even able to do that.

This seems to be the only player that does not allow for this functionality or at least can’t get the current iteration to work correctly for the last 7 years.

Is this even something VOX wants to do? Can it be that hard if there are others doing it already?


This feature is going to be implemnted in the new VOX Universal app pretty soon.

I belive you can expect it to happen already in the next update.


VERY much looking forward to this.
I hope “pretty soon” ends up being as close as it sounds :wink:


For now this is easy. Just drag and drop a jpeg of the album cover into the album folder you’re uploading and it’ll upload it to VOX and will display it. I do it with all of my albums.


I can change the album art no problem, it is the Artist artwork that is displayed when sorted by artist that is a mess. Does this fix that?


I prefer to remove embedded artwork from FLAC files, and simply provide a single image named: cover.jpg or folder.jpg

It would nice to see VOX support Artist Artwork by simply allowing an image named folder.jpg to become the cover image for whichever folder the image is stored in. Many popular media players support this as a means of overriding any metadata with your own local image(s).


The Artist Artwork can be now edited using VOX Universal (beta), and we are also going to add this functionality to the VOX Music Player for macOS too!

As for now, you can customize the Artist artwork displayed in the VOX app using VOX Universal (beta), all changes are going to be synced across all devices associated with your VOX account.

If you have faced issues while updating, please re-install the app. You can find the download fresh links below: