VOX Universal Beta: Feedbacks


We are excited to announce we are launching a brand new cross-platform app`s Open Beta Testing sessions - the VOX Universal

You can find the most recent version of the VOX Universal app here: https://vox.rocks/forum/t/vox-universal-beta-release-notes/12980

By signing up as a Beta tester of the VOX Universal app, you will get early versions of our new cross-platform app during Open Beta Testing sessions before we release the final version and share it with everyone else.

To Sign Up as a Beta tester during the Open Beta Testing sessions you need to do the following:

  • Download the VOX Universal app
  • Sign In to VOX Universal using your current VOX Account or create a new VOX Account for testing purposes.

What we expect our Beta Testers to do:

  • Just use the app as you usually would and report any issues you find.
  • Don`t hesitate to contact us if you have faced any difficulties with the app
  • Reach us whenever you got an idea on how should we upgrade the app, we are curious to know what features are essential for each of you!
  • Always provide our tech. support with an actual version of the app, version of your Operating System (Windows or macOS and the version).
  • Include steps to reproduce if you think that they are necessary and aren’t obvious enough from the description.
    Always describe reproduction step by step.

Your attendance is a great help for us, as it allows us to find issues and fix them and your feedback will guide us during the development of the new features!

For any additional information reach our tech. support desk https://vox.rocks/support

Looking forward to your feedbacks!

VOX Universal Beta v07.12: Release Notes, Download links, etc


I’ve just downloaded the Universal Beta. Using Windows 10 . I have about 480 artists and about 35K tracks uploaded using the Vox Uploader. They are available on my iOS app. However, only albums and artists that I have uploaded in the last few days are in the Universal Beta library, while none of those same recently uploaded albums and artists are available through the iOS app. In other words, it’s as if the Universal Beta and iOS app are using two completely different libraries.

Your assistance is appreciated.


Thanks for reporting!

Please reach our tech. support desk https://vox.rocks/support to have it sorted!


Hi Vox Team,
First of all, I use Vox since the begin. I like it very much for many reasons like :
• Perfect sound playback (as good as Audirvana for exemple)
• Perfect Audio Unit integration

I’ve download the VOX Universal beta and I don’t understand what are you doing …
The User Interface is better … OK … but you where very closed to the perfect app … why changing the way to integrate the music. I’ve try to upload 2 albums … it takes many times … Why ? The upload is in the cloud ? If yes … why ? We only need to import local files and have the ability to use a streaming service like Spotify … and that’s it !

In the previous app, the problem was in the local files integration (iTunes folder). Just make a new User Interface, fixed the local files integration, add streaming service … and you are the best !!
Kind regards,


In the beta version for windows, the music is cut between tracks, that is, the album does not sound often.


Same with the MacOS beta version! Please fixx this soon, the official version is getting extremely slow and almost unusable on a Mac running Big Sur!!


Hey Guys!

Happy to see you’ve been hard at work. I’ve been working on an app myself, so it’s nice to focus my time on something more fun than debugging for a change… I have included a few suggestions for additions based on the new features you’re already implementing. I realize extras will come later, but I’ve added them in just in case.

The image I embedded has my notes on the first issue I encountered (several times) today. So it’s probably easier to read that…

Question: should we uninstall the previous VOX (v 3.3.xx) app? I encountered some issues with my metadata in the old VOX a few minutes after editing a file’s metadata using the beta. I can’t remember what happened, but it was an easy fix and it might’ve been because I had both builds open simultaneously - so I’m not too worried about it.

Editing Metadata: This is definitely going to make a lot of users happy!

  • Tested: editing tags for title, album, artist – they all function correctly
  • Which metadata container(s) is Vox using for this?
    • Is it saving tags to a txt / XML file or is it actually editing the previous tags?
    • I edited a tag, confirmed the updates on old VOX (which displays the meta changes perfectly), and I tried to download the tracks to inspect them using the kid3 app, but all of the tags remain unchanged
  • Additions to Metadata I’d like to see
    • Edit multiple items when selecting 2+ items – just deactivate title tag so it can’t be made the same
    • More tags for genre and year – I noticed they both now display in VOX when sorting by Artist

Is AirPlay or the BS2B features going to be added to one of the upcoming builds for us to test?

Beta 0.7.3 | MacOS 10.15.7


Can you explain how Collections (Playlists) work in VOX…

I have been experiencing some issues with this on the Beta, and that made me notice that this also occurs on the older version as well.

So, let’s say I upload music to VOX Cloud and then add some of those tracks to a Collection. If I then delete a song or album from my VOX Cloud it still somehow exists in Collections. How is this possible? Is a new copy of the file being created from the one I uploaded to the Cloud? I confirmed this was happening in both versions of VOX, even after refreshing the app and even uninstalling/re-installing in one case.

If so, isn’t this essentially doubling the storage space every time I add a song to a Collection? Also it causes a lot of confusion as far as Metadata is concerned. The beta allows you to edit the tags for a track, but since its a separate file (and not just an alias of the main file) your allowing the user to change the name of a track in collections without it also changing in their library. I was surprised when I saw this, and had to test it a few more times to confirm what was going on.

*Side Note: when editing Metadata in Collections, you are given the option to edit the Title, Album, Artist, all simultaneous, so that would be a good thing to allow in Library (for Track view perhaps).

Beta 0.7.3 | MacOS 10.15.7


Is your VOX Cloud uploader working slower in the Beta? Mine is actually working much faster for some reason – although I just upgraded from 100 to 400 Mbps internet so my uploads are also much faster everywhere.


Do you have both versions of VOX open when the cutting between songs happens? I noticed that was happening while AirPlaying in my older version, but as soon as I closed the beta it started working normally again.


For one crazy minute my library appeared (after I had uploaded an album), but now nothing appears, messages are ‘preparing upload’ or ‘time out’ only. MacOS. Love the big window though! Finally :slight_smile:


Has progressed to ‘400 Bad Request’…


Just noticed that songs are playing randomly in the new Mac Universal App/album view although random play is off. Also, some albums showing incorrectly. MacOS, Big Sur.


Playback follows the order of songs in the Library even when in the Album view…


Albums came back! Such cool design… but only the (wonderfully big) cover art…:frowning: no tracks… maybe I missed something, but do we need to manually upload all the music itself again for the beta version, or just wait??


And now ’ Seek error: Invalid handle’ :frowning:


Is anyone reading these comments / going to reply?? The errors have stopped, but no tracks from my Vox cloud are appearing… what would you like us to do in this situation??


Thanks for your posts, we are glad to hear your feedback, please don`t hesitate to reach our tech. support desk https://vox.rocks/support to get assistance if you have faced any issues with VOX Universal.

As for the questions asked in your posts:

  • No, you can use both VOX and VOX Universal, both apps will be supported and updated in the future. The main focus for us is to make VOX Universal working stable on macOS, Windows, probably Linux platforms in the shortest time possible.
  • VOX Universal will NOT edit original files during this stage, hence, you can expect your edited tags to be saved on the server-side, we will introduce an option to apply changes to downloaded files in future updates on all platforms.
  • Yes, we are going to add Advanced Audio features like BS2B, Crossfade, etc, as well as new streaming sources in future updates.

AirPlay should be already working in the current version, but the output manager is still not introduced in VOX Universal app, which means you would need to set your AirPlay device as a systems default to make it work.

Keeping VOX cloud in sync with music libraries and universal access

Yes, VOX Universal is a VOX Cloud streamer and manager on this stage of the development, so you can expect your music to appear across all the devices authorized with your VOX Account, once you have added some music to VOX Universal, and vice versa.

One should be already able to edit your VOX Cloud library, delete or add tracks, rename items, etc. using VOX Universal on both Windows and macOS. We are looking forward to introducing Artwork management in next update!

I’ve try to upload 2 albums … it takes many times … Why ? The upload is in the cloud ? If yes … why ? We only need to import local files and have the ability to use a streaming service like Spotify … and that’s it !

While developing a new cross-platform app we’ve tried a bit different approach, taking into account users` feedbacks, but we love the VOX Music Player and don`t want it to be changed beyond the recognition.

On the other hand, we would appreciate any ideas on how to make it better, if they are in line with VOX philosophy.

Regarding the issues with the iTunes folder, please reach our tech. support desk https://vox.rocks/support to have it sorted!


Thanks for reporting!

May I ask you to share some additional details with our tech. support desk https://vox.rocks/support or here:

  • What e-mail is associated with your VOX account?
  • Which Albums are displaying incorrectly? Please share the Album name (by Artist)
  • We would appreciate some screenshots to indicate what is wrong and some notes expected behaviour.