A way to change album artwork?


Is there a way to change the art for an album? I've tried editing the ID3 tags for the files and putting in a new image in the file folder, but Vox continues to display the original terrible image. It's truly hideous. Please help.


Hi there.
Could you specify, please, do you mean album in iTunes Library or in Loop library?


I don't use iTunes or Loop, actually. It's just mp4 files in a folder. I've only been playing them in Vox. I have no idea where Vox got the album artwork for this.


We get artworks from Last.FM and currently there is no way to change it manually.

How critical is this for you ?


I see, thanks for your responses. It's a little frustrating but not very critical. I would really appreciate an option to manually change the album art in the future.


We will definitely think about this, thanks!


I just downloaded VOX for iPhone and Mac, and on the iPhone this is actually very upsetting. I have lots of "marginal" music, and I'd rather not have album art than have the wrong art. At the moment, I think 20% of the art in my 400 albums is wrong. Also defaulting to the artist photo instead of an album cover is the wrong idea. An album cover – even if just one out of multiple for an artist – is more recognizable than an artist photo, which the user may have never seen before.

Please reconsider the Last.fm integration for art, or allow user to override this from the app.


+1 for an option to manually change (or add missing) artwork. This could be as simple as using an image (png or jpg) if found in the folder where the music files are. Usually each album is in its own folder anyway. May be a selection in preferences, if such a local image would be fallback (if nothing found on last.fm) or the default artwork.


Just read in the other forum post here that adding custom artwork works using the kid3 tag editor at http://sourceforge.net/projects/kid3/ .
Good enough for me, thanks.


I've also had problems with album artwork. Lately I've been uploading my artwork in FLAC and I also have a lot of marginal music that may not be found from Last.fm or other services. Now I'm here with several albums which have no album art at all (even after I edited the .FLAC files to include them) or they show incorrect album art. It's highly irritating as album art is an important part of my listening experience (as weird as it might sound). You're already allowing uploading of 24bit FLAC files, small album art files shouldn't be too much next to that.


We'll change the player behaviour for artwork in future.

Thanks for bringing our attention to it!


Any progress on this? I love Vox, but am constantly annoyed that half of the artists in my library have the wrong artwork. Could there be an option to not auto-download artist images but to use album artwork instead?


Hey Martin,
Thanks for reaching out.
Yes, we are aware of that and it's in our ToDo, but unfortunately there are no ETA for that right now.
Stay tuned!


I see you are adding meta data editing in LOOP? Can you extend this to the MAC player itself so we can edit any files that are placed into collections


@LittleNemo We are making it for LOOP currently, but we'll keep in mind.Thank You!




I realize this is an old thread but I wanted to throw my vote in for being able to control/change the artist art rather than use that found in Last.fm I tend to not want to change the image once I have found one I like and when it does change this often or not show at all it is annoying.

Album artwork can be changed via the Kid3 app for those wanting to do so, but there is currently no way to choose/lock an artist portrait…


Why isn’t this a thing yet? Please, Please, please allow us to edit artwork for both the albums AND artists.

And, personally, I abhor itunes (or “apple music”), that’s why I’m here.


Thanks for your posts!

You can edit the Artist and Album covers using VOX Universal (beta). Changes will be associated with your VOX account and show up across all devices after you Sign In with your VOX account.

Here is a related topic on the forum: https://vox.rocks/forum/t/vox-universal-beta-v07-12-release-notes-download-links-etc/12980/7