How to put music on iPhone without iTunes?

When you think about Apple today, you realize that all of its devices are connected. They are not only linked to a brand name but also by iTunes, which to some extent acts as a monopolist. It has many advantages such as:

  • works on all Apple products;
  • offers a wide range of playlist categories as well as customized ones;
  • there is a lot of stuff for entertainment to choose from – music, movies, apps etc.;
  • iTunes helps to put video and music on iPhone and iPod without another apps.

But are there any disadvantages?

There are. For instance, you can authorize it only for up to 5 devices; it slows down the overall performance of the device, etc. It's a magic, but the non-clear iTunes interface makes this task a slightly difficult

But one of the main ones is that many of the music formats, such as OGG and FLAC, still, after years of improvements and development of iTunes, cannot be played with iTunes. All of this led many of Apple customers to start looking for an alternative to iTunes and the best way for: how to put music and films on their iPhones without using iTunes.

Can you relate? Seriously, how many times have you thought about avoiding iTunes when downloading music? Once, twice, perhaps even more? Well, there is a number of ways of doing that, let’s discuss the most popular ones.

Streaming music

The only thing you have to do is to sign up for a free music streaming service such as Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, SoundCloud. If you find ads too annoying, you can always upgrade to a paid account or subscribe for the service; other than that these services provide you with new music every time you open it. Take a minute and check the native SoundCloud desktop app for Mac.

Using cloud services

It is quite easy to play your music and other media files with cloud services – just upload your library to Dropbox/Google Play/Amazon Cloud and then access it from other devices from any spot in the world. In the case of Google Play and Amazon Cloud you can also purchase music and add it to your collection. Google Play also allows you to upload up to 50 000 songs for free, whereas Amazon Cloud allows you to add only 250 songs to the music library free of charge, but you can increase it up to 250 000 if you subscribe. Unfortunately the downside of using such services is that a range of formats which can be played is not very big :-(.

Even though Amazon Cloud claims to be able to play FLAC and a number of other not-so-widely supported formats, the quality of playback decreases. If it is open in a web-browser, quality declines even further so it is not really a solution for audiophiles.

VOX Cloud – the best way for: how to put music on iPhone without iTunes

All HD music lovers can cheer up now – there is a way to listen to high resolution music and not to be tied to iTunes!

Create FREE VOX Premium account Now

VOX music player recently presented a new service for its users called VOX Cloud. It is a part of VOX Premium -  an unlimited music cloud storage for all your music which helps you manage all your playlists and can be accessed from many different devices. This music locker has no restrictions for music formats you want to upload as well as no limits for the size of the upload – your storage is truly infinite! Every format, including FLAC, will stay unchanged because they are stored in their original quality. And as an icing on the cake, VOX has a custom Audio engine based on Bass technology, making sure that all of your music is at its best.

How can I get it?

It is super easy to install and start to use:

1. If you are already a VOX user, you just have to download the latest update of VOX Flac Player for Mac and VOX Music Player for iPhone. Then, you should run VOX on your Mac, "Go Premium" and choose “VOX Cloud” tab. Now, you can move your music files to this tab.

2. Once it is done, please take your iPhone and just make sure "VOX Cloud" is enabled in your Library settings  – so you should be able to see all music files you dropped into VOX Cloud on Mac in the “Library” on your iPhone’s screen.

Put your Music Library on Mac and iPhone

3. Now, when everything is ready the best thing for you to do is to sit back and enjoy high quality music playback. By the way, the songs can be cached for offline playing!

Listen to your music and on your Mac and on your iPhone

Today we were looking for the best way for: how to put music on iPhone without iTunes. We discussed strong and weak sides of iTunes as well as three alternative ways of putting music on iPhone without iTunes help.The options we compared were: using music streaming services, uploading your local library to a cloud service and then purchasing more music from its store (just like you do when you use iTunes), and VOX music cloud storage for VOX music player users.

Start to sync your music with VOX Premium account.

We came to a conclusion that VOX Premium is the best option when it comes to putting and listening to music on your iPhone if you want to avoid using iTunes. It boasts endless storage and no format limitations, as well as best quality playback guaranteed.

Now it is your time to choose! :-)