How to clean up Mac from music files

As summer is approaching, most of the humans on Earth start to get ready for the beach season. For the vast majority it means doing their best to lose weight and fit into the swimsuites by the latest fashion. But one should also remember about one of the popular trends in this beauty race – cleansing our bodies from all kind of junk by drinking different kind of veggie juices and eating healthily. Our minds, houses and personal belongings also need such pre-summer cleaning.

Let’s start from something that reflects your personality the best – your music and your laptop computer. In order to prepare for long summer nights it is advisable to update your music library and archive your good old tracks for colder nights :) So what are the best two ways to clean up your Mac from music files? (you may combine them if you like, just to be on the safe side ☺)

1.  Old-school / old-fashioned way: How to clean up Mac from music files

Get a big enough/funky enough/fast enough external hard drive and simply transfer all the songs which you do not listen to (that often) anymore. We understand that nowadays it is easy to find all kinds of music online, but listening to a track you own can bring you a much better feeling ☺ That’s why we think that in order to save yourself from looking up that amazing song from the nineties, it is easier to keep it in the folder with other favourite songs on your external drive. This option might not be the best for you if you tend to drop your iPhone every other day – external hard-drives can be rather sensitive and can be easily damaged, so you better chose a different way to clean up Mac from music files. However, it might be a good way to backup your music there and keep this precious library at home ☺

2. The best (and the most modest) way: How to clean up Mac from music files

Become a happy user of cloud-based storage – forget about the need to carry your music with you wherever you go and fear to get your hard drive wet or broken. Enjoy this freedom from any extra devices and choose as much storage for your songs as you need. You may choose to use a multi-functional service, where you can store not only music, but your pictures, documents and other stuff. Some of the well-known ones are Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud. For those who are seriously considering a cloud-based storage to be a good option to keep the best songs there after they have cleaned up their Macs from music files, it is worth mentioning that they will most definitely have to upgrade their storage to a bigger one and/or choose a monthly plan.

If you a real music-phile, you have probably heard already of VOX music player with VOX Cloud – cloud-based storage for music. VOX music player is one of the best players nowadays because:

It is free music player (download it here) It can play both lossy and lossless formats. The quality of the sound will never disappoint you.

VOX Cloud was created for those who cannot imagine their life without music and choose to listen to High-Res music. This is a cloud-based storage for music only, besides it is absolutely infinite. In other words, you may add more an more songs to your online library every day and do not think about space. In addition, all your music will be accessible from any point on the map of the world thanks to the “pre-download” option – if you think that you might have an unstable Internet in the nearest future, just download a couple of your favourite albums to cache and enjoy them. You can also share your music with your friends since it can be used on up to 5 different devices (does not matter Macs or iPhones).

We believe that with the help of VOX Cloud you will not have to think about how to clean up your Mac from music files – once you have subscribed to VOX Premium, you can use your device’s storage for anything else and be sure that your music is in the safe place (since all music stored in VOX Cloud Storage is backed up in 3 (!) different locations which saves you from risk of loosing your music). So what are you still waiting for?

In your to-do list for the summer, there should be 2 boxes which are waiting to be “ticked”: one for cleaning up your Mac from music files and another one for discovering new music. Don’t make them wait for too long! ☺

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