Sick and tired of music streaming?

There used be good old times when you used to have to store all your music on your device, having to deal with such issues like how do you fit all your treasures in a small storage space which your device would provide, so questions like “How do I fit all that in?” and maybe “How do I choose which I pick and which should I omit?” would occupy your mind instead of just taking pleasure of listening to your favourite tunes.

What’s in the box for me in music streaming technology?

So here they are, music streaming services. Oh, God, they do promise you a lot. Yes, they have thousands of artists and millions of songs perhaps, but do they really have everything that an audiophile like you would need? We have no doubt that a meticulous and careful music lover like you (and just like us, we give you our word), would have such an exquisite taste that not a service in the world could satisfy. Besides, even the mainstream artists, sometimes they just don’t allow for their newest releases to be included in the service’s range.

Same thing applies to music of past times, so that the huge cornerstones of the music industry such as AC/DC or Beatles cannot be found in the service that promises users merely all they would look for just under their fingertips.There is a way out of it though. Some music streaming services offer an opportunity to upload the tracks you love, that aren’t in their catalog: Google Play Music, Apple Music, Amazon music etc, – they all do. Unfortunately, the truth is that it’s not a rare luck, to later on find a track which you have uploaded displaced with some other version of it for an unidentified reason. Pity, isn’t it?

There’s no intention to down-grade the merits of music streaming though. These are a true blessing to music lovers all around the world, easy, quick and with an appealing design. The key word must be easy, seriously, Rihanna and the company are just a second away. And maybe you don’t suffer much from Taylor Swift ballads being not included. But what about these rare ones, that are so special to you?

In case you somehow managed to settle it down with the music, and the right track is on, one more blight is awaiting for you. Can you really hear that synthesizer well? Is that beat deep enough, or maybe this time it just doesn’t make your heart drop? The insufficient quality is one thing that can kill the track. And yeah, this equaliser… Oh, wait, there’s none, you really don’t have much control over what occupies your ears.

It is a pretty good experience, that’s a sure thing. and grew tired of dealing with those painstaking issues we have come up with a solution that lets you forget about them for good.

If the compromise is not just what you’re looking for in music streaming world

Plug in your Audio-Technicas (or whatever amazing earphones or sound system you have) and get ready to enjoy your music with no limits and moreover absolutely no quality loss. We are not aiming to sound exalted, but that’s how things work out if you take music seriously.

What VOX Player offers – is an All-in-one music player with SoundCloud, Spotify, and the unlimited cloud storage integration for Mac and iPhone. Youtube streaming is also available for Mac users exclusively. The same feature for iPhone is currently being developed. We just know what your favourite music services are, that’s why you can stream directly from them. We also know that you have tons&tons of music, and there’s nothing that can be left out. And just as well we know that there isn’t an impression that can be missed while you are listening.

VOX player doesn’t limit you in quality. With VOX for Mac and VOX for iPhone you can stream music in nearly any lossless format you like. VOX Cloud, which is our cloud storage for music give you unlimited storage capacity. You don’t even need to keep it in your computer. All you need is drag and drop files and VOX Cloud will keep them for you to access anytime and anywhere. As much music as you can keep in there might not even fit into your HDD, that’s no joke. Thousands of songs and albums, all that deserves to be with you anytime will be with you.

Try to enjoy the music streaming with VOX Music Cloud Storage

Start using VOX Cloud. Create VOX Premium account today.

We even have Car Play and Air Play as well as Built-in Radio feature, that gives access to thousands of stations around the world. And then again, if we are talking about your experience – you can listen to music just as you like and have some fun experimenting with that manual equalizer or use our presets.

Music really is a big deal, it takes hours of your life and can actually make it better or worse, so which do you choose?