How to delete music files on Mac

Modern musicphiles often face a dilemma of storing their music and still having some space left for the other files.

Even though the progress is constantly getting better and better and contemporary laptop computers and mobile phones are created with more storage, it can still be not enough.

Since music lovers prefer High-Res music, unfortunately, at some point they usually have to find a solution to downloading the latest music album in FLAC format and still keeping the music they already own.

Deleting music files would be a rather painful process and that’s why we will try to find a couple of alternatives to it.

So how to delete music files on Mac (and still keep them)?

Solution №1: Using a cloud-based storage like VOX Cloud

First of all, we would like to suggest you a way of freeing up your Mac’s storage by not deleting your favourite tracks, but by transferring and storing them in a cloud-based storage. This option has a couple of advantages:

You can empty your storage completely and use it for other stuff.

You will be able to access your music anywhere and anytime.

You can synchronize all your music files on your iPhone and Mac into one big music library.

Some people might not be very willing to completely get rid of their music on their Mac due to various reasons such as having music at hand at all times or simply because they are worried that Internet connection might let them down and they will not be able to listen to their favourite music. In order to get rid of any doubts, let us have a closer look at VOX cloud-based storage for music by Coppertino!

VOX Cloud is an absolutely infinite cloud-based storage (yes, you are not dreaming!) It was created specifically for musicphiles and boasts the ability to play various music formats, both lossy and lossless. Since VOX Cloud was created on the basis of VOX Music Player, which is the best music player for playing Hi-Res music, one should not be afraid that the quality will decrease – VOX has a built-in audio engine which ensures that your FLAC always stay FLAC.

So how to delete music files on Mac with the help of VOX Cloud?

Create VOX account and start to use VOX Cloud

It is very easy. You will not delete them, but move them to VOX Cloud. You just have to sign up for VOX account and start enjoying all the benefits it offers. If you also have an iPhone, it would be better for you to install VOX on your Mac first. VOX will connect to your music files on your Mac and will transfer them to the cloud. Then you just have to repeat the process on your iPhone and within few minutes you will see that all your music is stored in one place.

Solution №2: How to delete music files on Mac forever

This is a more drastic way to deal with an overfilled storage. If it is a song which you recorded with your friends you can simply move it to Trash and then empty it. If it was purchased on iTunes and you are using iTunes Match, you can also delete it from your computer and re-download the tracks from the iCloud whenever you need them. In general, you just have to select the song and then choose “Delete”. If you would like to delete the track from your Mac, simply move it to trash and if you would like to delete it from your iTunes, do not forget to select “Keep file”. This way you can manage which files are stored on your Mac and which are on the iTunes. This is a good solution if you just want to empty some storage but are not ready to delete your files forever (you just have to make sure that you do not delete them from the iTunes).

Solution №3: How to delete music files on Mac temporary

Another solution to our dilemma of how to delete music files on Mac would be transferring them to an external storage. It might seem to be a bit old-fashioned with the recent growth of various cloud-based storages but many music-lovers still prefer it. Why? Because one can simply move as many music albums as the memory of the device allows and keep it in a safe place at home. It is easy to move music files to the external hard drive – just follow the steps you were doing when doing the regular backup of your files (you can check this article out for more info: How to clean your MacBook from music . You can also backup your files with the help of iCloud (Does iCloud backup music?) but bear in mind that only music purchased on iTunes can be backed up.

Today we had tried to solve a dilemma of how to delete music files on Mac and found 3 different solutions which would suit even the pickiest music-lover. Keep rocking and may the music be with you!

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