Looking for an ah-mazing sound? Find the best music player for your iPhone!

Dear musicphiles, today we would like to talk in a greater depth about different music players for iPhone, compare their pros and cons and choose the one which deserves the throne. We have already posted an article on a similar topic a while ago, but today we would like to expand your knowledge by providing you with more information.You can check out the above-mentioned article here: iPhone music player. It should give you some idea about the qualities that the good iPhone music player has to have and to introduce you to a couple of popular iPhone music players.

But now, we are going to look deeper and hopefully, you will be able to benefit from this information.

Just a quick review on what should the best music player for iPhone have:

  • ability to play different formats (ideally both lossy and lossless).
  • easy interface.
  • useful functions.
  • affordable price (even better if it is free!).
  • a beautiful design.

Let’s check out some of the players which meet our requirements:

1. The premium music player – Fidelia Remote for iPhone

Fidelia is one of those players, which are not only beautiful, but are also universal. It can play a very wide variety of formats, including both lossy and lossless. But the greatest thing about it, is its range of music tools, created to satisfy even the most advanced listener (compressors, equalizer and many more). Fidelia goes even further in their aim to make you control your music – all your music is stored in a simple and convenient library.

Once installed, Fidelia easily accesses the music that you already have in your iTunes and imports it. Everything here is meant to make your experience as great as possible – all the tools including a headphone processor and a sample rate converter customize your playlist and turn it into the one you want. If you would like to stream your music to other output devices, it would be super-easy because Fidelia supports AirPlay. With the help of remote control for iPhone and iPod touch, you can easily enjoy your music, just like if you were listening to it from the desktop music player on your Mac.It is a perfect player for those who is always looking for something more advanced. With Fidelia they will be able to adjust the music to their taste.

It costs $29.99 on Mac and $9.99 on iPhone.

2. Simply the best music player for iPhone – VOX Player

VOX. Just three words: the great app. We guarantee, you will love it. Why are we so “modest”? Simply because we know that you will not be able to find a better player for yourself, no one else can beat it. And here are our reasons.

First of all, it was created specifically for music lovers who mainly listen to lossless music. None of the players in this field will make you shiver at those high notes and dance all day long, sing along or murmur lyrics of your favorite song. But VOX will. Thanks to the enhanced Bass technology and the audio engine, the heart of every musicphile will melt.

Secondly, the design is elegant and so easy that even your grandparents will be able to navigate through your music library. Besides, VOX Premium allows you to extend your library by providing you as much space for storage as you need, plus much more! This secret ingredient is called VOX Cloud and can be used only by VOX listeners. It is an infinite cloud music storage for all your music, which will also help you synchronize your Mac and iPhone libraries.

Start Using VOX Premium with all audio features inside. Create FREE account!

There is no need to mention that all the lossy and lossless formats are supported and are played in the best quality, always. Even when you use VOX Cloud, have downloaded some of the songs for the offline listening or streaming Soundcloud and Spotify – the quality of the playback will remain at its highest. Once you try VOX (with proper headphones, of course!) you will never want to use anything else.

3. Simple player for Hi-Res music, FLAC Player+

FLAC Player+ is a rather simple yet quite convenient music player for iPhone. You might be wondering why did we put it on the list for best music players for iPhone. The answer is very straightforward: because it has all the features that we talked about. Even though its main focus is FLAC format, it can still play your MP3, AAC and WMA files. Just like many other players it will help you create playlists and sort your library according to the artist, album, genre, etc. It also supports a Wi-Fi transfer of files from desktop computer to the phone. It is the best music player for iPhone for those, who are not running after the looks and latest fashion, for those who choose easy interface and functionality.

Today we tried to check out and compare 3 best music players for iPhone. We would like to wish you an ah-mazing experience, does not matter which player you choose!