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How to use Cloud Music Player to store and play your music

Not that 64GB doesn't sound impressive, we are exploring new ways of storing music and our best choice is using a cloud music player. I will tell you everything you need to know about it. 

There are two simple rules:

  1. The more music, the better. 
  2. The higher the quality, the better. 

However, if you have lots of high-quality music, it raises the question - where do you store all these gigabytes of tunes?

When you've acquired a substantial music collection from different sources you've been using for years, your music library is likely to be scattered about, and some parts of it (particular songs and albums) might be troublesome to access when you need it most. 


There's only one solution - get all your music together in one place. Some people tend to use streaming services (Apple Music, Spotify) but they don't usually have everything you need. I'm talking about local bands, lives and rare editions. I was hugely disappointed when I couldn't find some bands that I love really bad. 
If you want to make sure all your songs are fine and save up hard drive space, you need a cloud music player.  

I have some good news for music lovers. There's a solution that combines quality, quantity, and functionality. 

What is a cloud music player?

In a nutshell, a cloud music player is a place on the Internet to store your music. Cloud music players are different from ordinary cloud storages in that they not only store your music but are also able to play it from various devices. Basically, it's your personal streaming service. 

What is the difference between cloud music player and streaming service? 

Music streaming services use their music database to stream it to your device, so you don't need to have local files. Some streamings also offer their users to cache music for offline playback but usually streamed audios are of terrible quality (Apple Music streams at 256 kbps). For more information, you can read my article on why Apple Music is already old-school.

Best Cloud Music Player - LOOP for VOX


What is VOX? 

VOX Music Player for Mac & iPhone is a game-changer in the world of audio players, which allows music lovers to access unlimited Hi-Res music anytime, anywhere. The player is a top music app for Mac & iPhone regarding quality. VOX is capable of playing most lossy and lossless formats. They include:
  • FLAC
  • ALAC
  • AIFF
  • WAV
  • MP3
  • AAC
  • OGG
  • CUE 
  • APE and more.
Despite being easy in use, VOX is an unusually powerful audio player with a simple and intuitive design that provides the playback of the greatest quality ever. Enhanced by a brand-new bass engine technology VOX gives unique depth of the sound. Unlike many audio players for Mac, like iTunes, VOX has a small window with your music library, and that's it. The interface contains everything you need, with no unnecessary features, so it doesn't take up much of screen space.


In the sections, you have customizable EQ, playlists, iTunes library, thousands of radio stations, SoundCloud streaming, but none of it stands in your way when all you want is to enjoy your music. However, there always comes a moment when users have enormous Hi-Res music collections, and it's exactly the time to start using a cloud storage.

Meet LOOP Music Cloud Storage

LOOP is a cloud storage that keeps all your music no matter what its size of format is and it's available to VOX users exclusively. There are some reasons to prove that VOX combined with LOOP make the best cloud music player. 


  • LOOP is an unlimited music cloud. You don't have to delete anything to save some hard drive space, use external HDDs or NAS devices. Upload as much music as you want, thousands, millions of songs. LOOP can store all of it.
  • Access your library anytime, anywhere. Once you upload music to LOOP, it instantly appears on your devices.
  • Cache your music for offline playback. When there's no Wi-Fi or cellular data, it's not a problem. Just click (or tap) "Download."
  • Back up your music library. Since all the music is in the LOOP, you will never lose even if something happens to your devices
  • Uploading music to LOOP is fast and easy. All you need to do is drag & drop your files to the player, and it will instantly be in LOOP.

How to use LOOP Music Cloud Storage

Using LOOP begins with you signing up for a trial. Then you install VOX Music Player for Mac & iPhone and log into your LOOP account. When you've done it, your Mac and iPhone sync, so all the music you have in LOOP appears on both devices. No matter how you upload music (LOOP website or drag files to the player), it automatically appears on your phone. Quite simple as you see.

The ear of poor quality has gone, and it's time we accepted the new truth - Hi-Res is the future. VOX Music Player and LOOP Music Cloud Storage is a killing combination for music lovers as with these tools you can store and store music of the best quality ever regardless of the quality or format. The 3-day trial is a great chance to try how VOX and LOOP work. Enjoy the chills.