SoundCloud Converter – Crime Against Artists

Ask yourself: where would you upload music, if you wanted to share with the world something you've created? Ask no more, because it's 100% going to be SoundCloud. The platform has so much unique music that it's become an inspiration for millions of creative beginners. According to the latest data (September 2017), SoundCloud library counts as many as 125 million songs. Obviously, such numbers can't leave anybody indifferent, so the resource is constantly used by millions of users. As well as musicians, ordinary listeners use it to find new melodies, discover new genres or get to know that underground band they're going to see live next Friday.


Since consumerism hasn't gone away, there's a matter of convenience of SoundCloud.

You might not know it, but unless you have a Pro account (Premium subscription), most files you upload are likely to be converted to WMA lossy. When artists upload music, they can choose whether to make it available for download or not. This is usually done for primary distribution of raw content to gain followers and to, foremost, share music with the public.
Tell me more about Hi-Res music
Since we want to access SoundCloud all the time, the matter of SoundCloud converter that can make songs available for uploading to iPhones has become one of 'Top 5 things we need right now'. It's a rather thorny issue as any SoundCloud converter decreases the quality, compressing whatever you choose to lossy MP3 or WMA, usually at 128 kbps. If you still you do it, just ask yourself 'why I need it?'.If the answer is 'I want this music on my iPhone/Mac,' then I've got some good news for you. First, SoundCloud has an official app for direct streaming from its music library. Second, if you want to combine music from SoundCloud with your local library, or maybe Spotify, you might wanna try using an app that's going to blow your mind, totally.

VOX Music Player for Mac & iPhone

VOX is an audio player for iOS and macOS designed to play lossless audio formats (it plays lossy as well). Not only can you create playlists of Hi-Res music, but you can also stream SoundCloud library using this app. If a SoundCloud converter compresses everything and gives you the worst quality possible, VOX, on the other hand, provides the best sound quality as it has a powerful audio engine with many sound-enhancing tools.


I want VOX Music Player for Mac
VOX for Mac has five tabs: Playlist, Library, Queue, Radio, and SoundCloud. The latter is our main accent today. SoundCloud tab includes Stream, Like, and Search. It works pretty easy. All you need to do is to search and press play. You can follow artists, so they appear in Stream or like particular songs to add them to your Like. VOX eliminates the need to use SoundCloud converter to have some music on iPhone. Together with your local library, you can have the best music collection on your iPhone, and it doesn't even take up space.


I need great playlists right now
One more thing: VOX for Mac and iPhone sync music collections, so whatever you stream or like on one device is also available on another. That's exactly what I do when I'm commuting home: while in a train, I create a playlist on my iPhone to catch a good vibe and then I just play it on my Mac. Super easy and super convenient. Use SoundCloud converter no more, it's a pain in the ass.

Why convert if you can just stream?

What else can VOX do?

Apart from playing most audio formats and SoundCloud streaming, VOX offers you flawless playback, easy to use interface, and generally pleasant user experience. Some of the most popular formats VOX supports are:

  • FLAC.
  • ALAC.
  • WAV.
  • WMA.
  • MP3.
  • AIFF.
  • AAC.
  • OGG.
  • PCD.
  • DSD and others...
    The full list is too long to outline, but you got the point. Now that you're not going to use SoundCloud converters, you are ready to hear the last argument in favor of using VOX. Since Hi-Res files are far bigger than lossy ones, there a question to pose: where to store my 500 GB of music? Luckily, VOX developers took care of this matter and designed an exclusive online music storage only for VOX users. It's called VOX Cloud.

VOX Music Cloud Storage

What differs VOX Cloud from other online music storages is that VOX Cloud has unlimited space (formerly LOOP Unlimited Music Cloud Storage). You can upload a thousand, a million of songs in the best quality ever.
My library currently counts almost 16 TB of Hi-Res music. See for yourself:


I want to try VOX Music Cloud Storage now
To upload music into VOX Cloud, you can either drag your music to VOX for Mac or use VOX account web page . The upload is fast, so you can get your VOX Premium account stuffed with thousands of songs in no time. VOX Music Cloud:

  • Unlimited space – upload as much music as you want.
  • No restrictions on audio formats – upload music in any format you know.
  • No compression or conversion – unlike other music clouds, VOX Cloud preserves original quality.
  • Mac and iPhone sync – whatever stored in VOX Cloud is available for all devices connected to your VOX Premium account.
  • Unlimited devices – you can connect all your Apple devices to one VOX Premium account.

What now?

Choose convenience, choose quality, choose not to use random SoundCloud converter, choose VOX.

Enjoy the chills with VOX and LOOP