Popular music streaming apps for iPhone, making the choice

This article is dedicated to audiophiles in search of a best solution for listening to music. If you are among those - we hope it will help you make up your mind about streaming and the best music app to choose.

Long-gone is the era of transferring your music through the USB cable to your devices, not to mention the CDs. Even MP3s are said to have vanished for good. Let’s do justice to music streaming apps – they are taking the market in a round pace. Since storage space issue has become a matter of concern to all music devotees, they have succeeded in making a pretty good way around the problem.

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What is a music streaming app in general? With all the music that has been recorded and accumulated throughout the past century there are probably petabytes of it existing in the world. Moreover music exists in various copies around all different computers and other devices or anything that just has storage capacity. So the popular decision based on the fact was to collect it all in one place and take benefit of a global internet coverage and just stream it to everyone who is willing to listen. Let’s plough through the topic and see choices available on the market and find out the pros and cons of what they offer.

Spotify – music streaming app. What about quality of sound?

Spotify is a rather popular choice of a music streaming app. Spotify is mostly favoured for having lots of playlists some of which are created by users and can be viewed and listened to by anyone with a premium subscription.

The music base is pretty vast, approximately 30, 000 000 in the catalog. However, it’s worth denoting that doesn’t mean they have everything. They do have pretty much but there are some gaps.

Can you stream your own collection then? Not really. You can only play music from your resources as long as you listen to it on your computer, so you’ll have to stick to their music. Streaming app on your phone won’t do that for you.

Usability is nice enough.

Price: $9.99 per month and 50% percent discount for each new user in a family plan. There is a free option but you will have to listen to ads in between songs and all music will come in shuffle so you can’t pick the next track.

Quality of playback: up to 320kbps.

Apple Music – music streaming app from Apple

Apple has always been a monopolist and so it stays with their relatively new app for music streaming. Launching in 2014 it made a big competitor for Spotify and Rhapsody for instance. Among it’s pluses are the curated playlists based on your liking, both human and computer curated, but they work better on rather mainstream music.

Music base is close to Spotify and estimated around 30, 000 000 tracks.

Can you stream your collection? Yes, if you connect to iCloud Music Library (similar to iTunes Match they had for a while) it will scan what you have gotten from various resources and add it to your iCloud.

However, reportedly, there have been issues with that and some of the music appears to be missing, so you can’t really be sure you will have those unique music piece you’d like to listen to alongside

Price: $9.99 per month. Free option exists, however it has has ads and the functional is limited

Quality's of playback maximum is 256kpbs which is a bit less than Spotify offers.

When it comes to usability the app is so packed with features that sometimes they just make it confusing and the app ends up distracting you from your original purpose of just listening.

Google Play Music app – streaming option for your music

Offers users to upload their own music with ability to mix up their music with the music available in this music streaming app. Google Play Music tracks the music you like and offers you radio stations and playlists based on your preferences.

Music catalog reaches 30, 000 000 tracks.

Can you stream your collection? Yes, you can add up to 50 000 songs and listen to them alongside.

The price is $9.99 per month.

Quality of playback is up to 320kbps

Rhapsody – maybe this?

Rhapsody has been around for quite a while so you can already call it a long-living pioneer. The bad thing about it is that it is available exclusively in the US. And also it doesn’t have a desktop app for streaming on Mac which might frustrate Apple users.

The number of songs in the library available for streaming is 35, 000 000+

Can you add your own music? You’ll be limited to streaming and if you own a Macbook you’ll be even limited to streaming in browser

$4.99 per month and $9.99 for Premium

Playback quality – 320kbps will be your limit

Tidal – quality?

Tidal offer a relatively high bitrate as for a music streaming app but may disappoint some users with the accessibility to music as their collection is smaller than what their rivals offer.On the other hand they offer an opportunity to watch music videos even though they are not as various as number of videos you can watch is only 75, 000.

the quality of streaming music is 1411kbps, however available on in Premium Hi-Fi plan which is more expensive than you would expect.

You cannot add music of your own choice so if it’s not included in their relatively small collection of 25, 000 000 songs you will have to find other means of listening to what was left out.

$9.99 for Premium and $19.99 for better playback.

reportedly usability could have been petter as the music app is known to have major bugs.

Is it my only choice?

Whilst music streaming apps for iPhone offer you an ability to forget about buying music which absolutely amazing to wide audiences! However, if you are an audiophile you will probably no longer feel enough control over the music you are listening too. Convenient to some they may leave the most dedicated music geeks frustrated. The mainstream choices are all at hand but a rather sophisticated music lover may find the selection of songs not corresponding to his or her refined tastes. Aside from that most music apps of that type appear sort of overpacked with extra features, making the using experience tiring. If you have terabytes of music or almost that much you will hardly feel persuaded by their offers. Moreover the issue of quality arises. We mean, why did you even buy all that high quality music to leave them aside?

If you would like a corresponding option with a twist towards Hi-Res quality of music streaming and a simpler and lighter application to focus on music only try VOX music player for Mac and iPhone.

If you have an explicit music collection and want to free up storage space on your computer and iPhone you can make use of VOX Cloud that allows you to upload unlimited amount of music to the cloud and play it any lossless format.

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Which means that your music collection in FLAC will always stay in FLAC and you will always be in charge of your playlist. All you have to do is to add music to you VOX music player on Macbook and they will be available both on your Mac and iPhone anytime.

What is VOX Cloud music steaming app or cloud?

VOX Cloud is an unlimited cloud storage for music with the sync feature between Mac and iPhone.

What you get:

an unlimited MUSIC STORAGE solution designed specifically to work with VOX music player.

EXCELLENT QUALITY PLAYBACK and an ability to listen to music in all formats, both lossless and lossy formats including FLAC, ALAC, MP3, APE, OGG and others.

MP3, OGG, APE and many others.

other nice features like a built-in radio with 50 000+ radio stations from around the world.


now CarPlay is also available.

streaming your tracks from Soundcloud is also available as VOX is a native music player for Soundcloud and this allows you to browse your Soundcloud feed and add your favourite tracks to the regular playlists you create in VOX.

Spotify streaming and integration with Last.FM.

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