Do I have to get a Soundcloud desktop app to avoid listening to it in browser?

We all love Soundcloud as it has loads of great music and artists can upload their tracks instantly so you get them just fresh out the oven. You may be a badass music maker or a devoted music lover – Soundcloud is good for all. You can share your music, you can follow up with others and listen to their creative work or just check on what your friends have been liking recently. This service is an outstanding music platform as well as a tune-driven social media which has a steadfast reputation among all audiophiles. As the observations have shown content creators upload about 12 hours worth of audio every minute so the existing content in the service might actually take longer than your life to listen to.

Why does browsing feel inconvenient? Choose SoundCloud desktop app

Despite the unconventional love we have for the service or maybe because of it, having to only listen to it in web browser may feel like a little letdown. Considering that most of the music that is uploaded to Soundcloud cannot be downloaded (some is available for download though - see our article on how to download music from Soundcloud) users may feel rather limited. Seriously, you want to skip a track or choose a different playlist and then you have to find a tab in which the service is running or maybe the internet has stopped and the track wouldn’t play so you look for the tab once again. Or maybe you have just been listening to the tracks in your library on your iPhone – then you will have to pause your music player and launch the Soundcloud desktop app.

Don’t get us wrong – the app is great and so is the website, but you would probably appreciate to keep all your music in one app or at least to avoid using the browser all the time.

How do I avoid listening to Soundcloud in browser?

In some cases a Soundcloud desktop app may come in handy. While Soundcloud doesn’t have a desktop app of their own make, there are plenty of other options like Streamcloud or Soundnode or Soundcloud. These desktop apps for Soundcloud allow user to log in into his Soundcloud account and then listen to favourites, new tracks in the feed and existing playlists. They make the listening experience more comfortable as the app runs on your computer independently and doesn’t shut down if you have accidentally closed the browser or the wrong tab and therefore quit Soundcloud. Desktop app can also offer some other significant pluses like the ability to use native media keyboard shortcuts which means you won’t have to switch between applications on your Mac.

Is a Soundcloud streaming in desktop app my only option?

Even though these apps offer you an opportunity of a more comfortable listening experience, anyway you will have to listen to stuff on Soundcloud only on Soundcloud. This means that using such desktop app won’t really allow you too move your music around for your convenience.

In case you want to integrate a track or two into your regular playlist in your player you won’t be able to do so. As large percent of the tracks (and there’s 125 million of them) can only be found on Soundcloud there is seemingly no way to have all music in one place. Some artists allow users to download their but most prefer to eliminate this option.

Then how do you get to listen to your favourite tracks without switching the apps back and forth?

The most effective solution appears to be an option of listening to Soundcloud tracks in your player that works both on your Mac and iPhone. That way, you can always play a favourite Soundcloud track without opening a different application on your computer and most importantly - on your iPhone. And that also allows you to make playlists including both your personal music library and music on Soundcloud, altogether!

Is there a music player that makes it possible?

Yep! Vox for Mac and iPhone is a native Soundcloud music player that supports all these features along with allowing for playback in maximum quality possible!

When using VOX music player you connect your Soundcloud account and your music favourites as well as your playlists will appear built in in your VOX player. All you have to do is to either listen to Soundcloud in the app or add whichever track you feel like you have to, to any playlist you like and enjoy in great quality!

  • VOX for Mac and iPhone allow users to stream music directly from Soundcloud on their Mac and iPhone, which is great itself!
  • You can make collections and mix your Soundcloud favourites with the music you listen to independently so there will be no messy clicking and no interruptions.
  • You can listen to your Soundcloud tracks in the best quality.

Apart of that, still, why VOX as soundcloud desktop app?

Not only VOX for Mac and iPhone is good because you can stream Soundcloud music. Here is what VOX also is:

  • A lightweight and beautifully designed music player made exclusively for Mac and iPhone.
  • An ability to listen to music in all formats, both lossless and lossy formats including FLAC, ALAC, MP3, OGG, APE and many others.
  • A music app with cloud storage solution designed specifically FOR MUSIC (check out LOOP, an unlimited cloud storage for music only.

Enjoy VOX Cloud. Create VOX Premium account today.

An app complete with other features that satisfy the most picky audiophile in the world like a

  • built-in radio with 50 000+ radio stations from around the world.
  • CarPlay and AirPlay options.
  • Last.FM integration.
  • the most advanced equalizer for a compact music player to have.
  • an unlimited MUSIC STORAGE solution designed specifically to work with VOX music player.

Try VOX Music Player for Mac and iPhone now for free and see for yourself!

And stay tuned, as always ;)