Best Music Clouds That Stream Music

Every music lover knows: the more music – the better (if the music is good, but we don’t doubt your taste). But where do you store all these gigabytes of tunes?

As you have accumulated a breathtaking collection, coming form all different sources that have been there for you over the years, your music gallery might be just scattered around and some of the music might be hard to access just when you need it.

What you have to do now is get your tunes together. You might have left away the option of music streaming services as you have well too much tracks to delete them permanently and commit to listening to collectively shared copies. If you want to keep all your songs and save up the disk space – then a music cloud comes in handy.

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Google Play Music. Is it a music cloud?

Apart form being a music streaming service Google play music offers users to upload up to 50,000 tracks of their own choice to a cloud. It’s available on both Android and iOS, and also Windows and Mac OS.

supported formats: the service allows you to upload a number of formats including FLAC and OGG but they compress all the music inside their servers. They will be played in the maximum quality of 320kbps.

a free option could be used as a standalone music cloud, but you won’t be able to cache tracks for an offline playback. Thus, no internet means no music, so I don’t recommend to use it for music backup. If you want to cache cloud audis on your device you will have to pay for a premium and will also get features like radio and, obviously, streaming from their library of 35,000 000 songs.

Amazon Music – more about quality inside the music cloud

Amazon music is one more popular streaming service and cloud music drive. If you want to store music in their cloud you can get as much as 250,000 songs to upload.

supported formats: the deal with the format is quite similar to one that Google Play Music offers. Except the playback bitrate is a little lower than Google allows for – it’s as 250kbps.

cost: you will have to pay 25$ per year to use the features. Having payed for subscription will also give you access to Amazon prime music library apart from your tracks that you store in the cloud. A paid subscription also allows users to browse curated playlists and listen to radio stations, which is a pretty common part of the deal.

iTunes Match

Apple has always been offering a wide range of services. To be honest, they quite succeed in doing that, as apart from having a big streaming service with a vast music collection they also have a service that can scan your audio collection on your computer and upload music to your iCloud. The tracks you upload won’t be the tracks you can listen to, though. They will be replaced by the corresponding track Apple’s database already has. F.e. some people have claimed their songs to be substituted by different version, for instance explicit version may be displaced by a clean version or maybe you will end up with a wrong remix. This probably means that if you have purchased some special editions – you should better keep them separate and download directly to iPhone in order to listen to the exact version. Reportedly iTunes Match now has got a fixed algorithm for processing the library, but no information on how it works is available so far.

My Music Cloud

My Music Cloud has found a slightly different way around as many listeners have accumulated significant libraries and uploaded them to cloud storages in order to back them up or free up some disc space. With My Music Cloud you can either add music from your computer to your cloud music storage or connect to Google Drive or Dropbox. Even though all music is uploaded to the cloud users have said there were issues with keeping the original tracks, as the app seems to sometimes replace the names of the songs, which os a common problem for applications that allow for streaming from the cloud.The service has applications that allow for playback on TVs and mobile devices. This is useful for Android and Windows phone and Blackberry owners in particular.

quality: is known to be up to 320.

cost: free options allows for storing only 250 songs, for unlimited storage users pay 39.99 a year.


VOX Cloud Music Player – unlimited music cloud

VOX Cloud is a cloud music storage that stores an unlimited amount of your music and plays it in excellent quality on your Mac, iPhone and supported audio systems via VOX music player, that can be downloaded for free!

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VOX Cloud is a reliable music cloud that allows you to keep all that music with you anywhere and anytime. What do you get with VOX Cloud?

  • You get an UNLIMITED storage for all your music!
  • You get an excellent quality of playback! With VOX Cloud players for Mac and iPhone are capable of playing both lossy and lossless audio formats including FLAC, ALAC, OGG, MP3, APE and many other in their original quality.
  • Cache your your favourite tracks or albums for an offline playback.
  • The most advanced advanced preset & manual equaliser for a music app to ever have
  • Direct streaming from Spotify and Soundcloud!
  • Playlists and custom collections to listen both on Mac and iPhone
  • Music library synchronisation between Mac and iPhone
  • 30 000+ of radio stations in more than 30 genres!
  • Support of CarPlay and AirPlay.

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