MP3 music download sites are dead. Here's why

If you are in search of a decent MP3 music download website or mobile app, you are already wrong (sorry for straightforwardness) because preferring MP3 to other Hi-Res formats is like deliberately picking a rusty bike when you can afford a Mercedes. The times of low quality are gone and there's nothing you can do but enjoy. My theory is that you don't even know what your iPhone is capable of regarding music, providing you're using special software.
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However, if you still want to upload some MP3s to your iPhone, I'm suggesting TOP 3 music download websites, but I honestly advise you to skip this part and move to the one, where I describe alternative audio formats and an app that can play them.

Best MP3 Music Download Sites


SoundCloud is the most famous website to download MP3 music legally. As well as on Jamendo and Youtube, you can find a huge variety of tracks including original songs, remixes or what your roommate thinks a song should sound like. Sadly, not all tracks are available for downloading due to legal issues. I couldn't download Lordi's last album, but I could still listen to it. On the other hand, SoundCloud is an ocean of new and underground bands which no streaming service has. Lots of bands from my music library I couldn't find elsewhere but SoundCloud. Even if you're more into popular music, create a SoundCloud account right now. When you've found a track you like, check if it's available for download, and if so, click the Download button.


AMAZON is the most famous website for online shopping. But it's not only about clothes or electronic devices. Amazon is a huge music shop with vinyl records, CDs, free and paid digital music. Unfortunately, you can't download the latest MP3s for free, but free music library is quite impressive, and you can easily choose from a significant number of artists and genres. Like on SoundCloud, you need to create an account, then search for a song, listen to a preview and if you like it, click a yellow Free Download button.


These three sources have pretty much everything you can ask for providing you don't want to pay but have some music on your iPhone. If MP3 quality isn't your type and you want more, check out our10 sites for buying lossless music in FLAC

Start listening to Hi-Res with VOX Premium
Now we're coming to an interesting part, which puts paid to MP3 music download sites and introduces a solution you've been craving for a long-long time.

VOX Music Player for Mac & iPhone

VOX Music Player is an iOS and macOS music app that plays your music regardless of the format. It means you don't need to limit yourself with MP3 only. The main feature of VOX is that it syncs your iPhone and Mac so whatever you have in your collection on Mac is available on iPhone as well. It's possible with VOX Music Cloud, but we'll get to that later.


VOX has an intuitive and easy-to-use design, support for most audio formats and lots of sound-improving options in case you want the sound to be something special. They include BS2B technology, the EQ, Stereo Sound for Headphones and more. Regarding the formats, the most popular ones among VOX users are:

  • FLAC.
  • ALAC.
  • WAV.
  • MP3.
  • AIFF.
  • AAC.
  • OGG.
  • PCD.
  • DSD.

Download VOX Player for Mac
VOX is one of few options to listen to Hi-Res music on iPhone, so you might not want to miss it. For SoundCloud lovers, there's a built-in SoundCloud player that allows you to search in the SoundCloud library and listen to its collection with VOX Music Player. The same thing is for Spotify. Just log into your VOX account, and all the music of the world is in your hand. However, it's not all about the quantity, but the quality. I strongly suggest you use Spotify as referencing stuff, but not for enjoying music. To fully appreciate a song, listen to Hi-Res formats. You can't even imagine, how much you lose listening to compressed music. Try VOX to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

VOX Music Player for iPhone:

  • Support for lossy and lossless audio files.
  • Spotify and SoundCloud integration.
  • scrobbling to keep your listening start.
  • BS2B, EQ, and other sound-boosting features.
  • Over 30,000 radio stations.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Available worldwide.Download VOX Music Player for iPhone

You might think that MP3 music download apps are somehow better regarding saving storage space. MP3s are indeed up to 5 MB per song, while Hi-Res files can be up to 100 MB. However, there's a solution to this problem too. The solution is VOX Music Cloud Storage.

VOX Music Cloud Storage

VOX Cloud (formerly LOOP Unlimited Music Cloud Storage) is an online storage for music with unlimited space and no restrictions on audio formats. It's VOX Cloud that makes it possible to have the same music on all your devices.

Create VOX Premium account. Start using VOX Music Cloud today

How VOX Cloud works?

You first upload your music collection to the cloud, and then it automatically appears on your iPhone. It works as a streaming service, but you have only what you like and most likely in good quality. To use VOX Cloud you need to have the Internet connection, but you can always download some tracks or albums to listen to them offline. To discover something new you can use SoundCloud or Spotify via VOX Player.

VOX Music Cloud Storage

  • Unlimited space for your music.
  • No format or size restrictions.
  • iOS and macOS devices synchronization.
  • Upload via The Web or VOX Music Player.
  • Unlimited number of devices to use with one VOX Premium account.

VOX is a perfect replacement for any MP3 music download site or app. It's time you acknowledged the truth that downloading single MP3s is more old-school than having iPhone 4 with a case.

Enjoy the chills with VOX.