Where to store my music? Or it's time to discover VOX Cloud: Unlimited Music Storage!

Today we would like to ask our readers a question: where do you prefer to store your music and in which format? Beyond doubt, if we were to collect all the answers we would see that modern digital formats greatly outnumber old school CDs and vinyls, however the choice of a format would vary from person to person.

Many people, many choices

It all of course depends on person’s attitude towards music i.e. music lovers are always trying to get their music in the best lossless formats such as FLAC, and status i.e. those who prefer vinyl have to get a good record player at first and should be very careful since the records are extremely fragile. It may also be affected by a person’s situation – students may wish to get MP3 files just because it's easy to find this content on the internet or they might simply be running out of memory on their devices.

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Hard drive or music cloud storage?

More and more people start to look for a way to make their music library accessible from any place on planet Earth. For those who have a voluminous library with a large number of albums, carrying a hard drive with them is not really a solution. A winner in this race is a cloud storage. Easy to use and makes sure you have your music with you all the time - these are the two main features of them. Today we are going to talk about different cloud storages (for music or not only) and will compare them.


One of the most well-known cloud storages boasts its ability to store pretty much anything and has apps for many of the systems, including Linux and Blackberry. However the free account provides you with only 2 GB of storage, you can add more if you add your mailbox or invite your friends. The max capacity is 1 TB though, which is available only if you upgrade to a Dropbox Pro account.

Google Drive

The other popular cloud storage, which can be used for music as well is Google Drive. Easy to use, is connected to your Gmail account and gives you 15 GB of free storage when you first sign up for it. The space is divided between a number of folders, so if you choose to use it as a storage for your photographs you are going to run out of your 15 GB very quickly. However, it is great that the media player is included – you can instantly listen to your files. Another great thing is that you can keep 50 000 music tracks for free with Google Music and they will not be counted towards your Drive’s space.


This storage is very similar in use to the previous two, but it is more focused on the media files and socialization. One can share their files easily with their friends directly to social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many others. The free account offers up to 10 GB of free music and other media cloud storage and you can upgrade it up to 1 TB. You can play your files in its browser and choose to back up some of them if you feel like you need to.


Another cloud service which boasts not to have any size or speed limits. You can get up to 20 GB of free space and share your files even with non-pCloud users. You can stream media files and mark your music folders as favourite for a quick access. And the last but not least, users of various operating systems such as Linux, Mac and Windows can try it, as well as those who have iOS or Android.

VOX Cloud: infinite Cloud Music Storage

None of the above-mentioned was designed to be a music cloud storage only. They can all store music, some of them are able to play it, but being a multi-tasker is not always a good thing.  The best music cloud storage exists! And it is called VOX Cloud.

Why are we so confident about it? Well, simply because it comes as an addition to the VOX music player, which was created by musicphiles for musicphiles. It means that the quality of the playback will be amazing since all of the files are stored in their original format. You can easily synchronize your Mac and iPhone to access all your music anytime, anywhere (since you can also download some tracks for the offline streaming!) and forever forget about limited space matters since VOX Cloud (previously called LOOP) is truly unlimited.

We have no doubt this is the best cloud service for music as well as the player it is connected to. The only disadvantage it has is that currently it is available only for Mac and iPhone users, but musicphiles behind it are working hard to make sure that Android and Windows users will be able to enjoy its benefits very soon.

To sum up, let’s have another look at the good and not-so-good sides of VOX Cloud, cloud-based storage.

Advantages of VOX Cloud music cloud storage:

• the special cloud-based music storage;

• makes sure the quality of your music files stays at its best;

• a number of lossy and lossless formats are supported;

• allows you to synchronize your Mac’s and iPhone’s music libraries;

• your storage is limitless.


• at the moment it is available only for Apple devices;

• it is closely tied to the VOX music player for Mac & iPhone (but we think it is an advantage!);

• it is absolutely infinite, which is horrible because now you have to think which album you forgot to upload! :)

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