Wondering how to uninstall iTunes? We’ve got a couple of options for you!

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Even though you have done everything like we recommended, you still cannot enjoy it since you are struggling with iTunes? Have you been thinking of uninstalling iTunes for a while now? Were you curious about the consequences it will bring; what will happen to your files and how will you manage them? Or you simply did not know what you should replace it with and were looking for a good alternative?

We will help you to find the best way in the broad world of choices of how to uninstall iTunes. We will also talk about an alternative which will not require you to unistall iTunes.

How to uninstall iTunes with ease: few quick steps

Go to the Applications folder, then to Utilities and choose “Terminal” --> Now go to Applications directory --> Type “sudo rm –rf iTunes.app/” --> Enter your Administrator password.

Now that you have removed iTunes from your Mac’s iOS you may want to check whether it was really deleted. If after searching everywhere you are still unable to find it, try installing a music player or any other app and see what happens. If your files open in the new app – you have deleted iTunes. If iTunes icon appears...well, you might have to go through all the process one more time.

A different answer to how to uninstall iTunes:

If you choose this way, you chose the dark side. In some way you become the hacker: you break the “rules” by changing the settings that let you delete iTunes from your Mac.

So how to unistall iTunes? In order to do that, you will have to right click on your iTunes file. Then select “Get info” and find the padlock button in the right corner of the window. Go to your App Permission Settings (you will have to enter your Administrator password) and choose “Sharing and Permissions” section. Here you will have to change the privileges to “Read & Write” – now you are free to delete iTunes and nothing can stop you!

Another way to uninstall iTunes: use a program

If the idea of going through your laptop’s settings freaks you out a bit, you may always use a little help. In this case your helper will be a program – for example, CopyTrans Drivers Installer. You just have to download this free program and install it. Once launched you will have to choose which programs you would like to have uninstalled (you may also choose QuickTime or Apple Software Update) and click “Uninstall”. Then the program will remove the chosen programs from your Mac.


If you follow one of the suggested routes, we guarantee that none of your media files will be harmed. You may delete only the iTunes music files (duplicates).

However, you can always try something new, can’t you?

If you think that it is time for a change, then VOX is here for you!

VOX music player offers you not only unforgettable quality of playback, but it is also an excellent tool helping you to manage all your music. You do not even have to worry about how to uninstall iTunes – just install VOX on your Mac and let it access your music library.

You may also synchronize both your Mac and iPhone with the help of VOX Cloud – an infinite cloud-based music storage for all your music. Did we mention that now you will be able to listen to FLAC files as well? VOX music player is the best alternative to iTunes nowadays. Moreover, it is absolutely free! Try it out and you will never regret it!