How to play FLAC files on iPhone?

Let’s talk about a rather common situation today. You decided to give up and get yourself that latest gorgeous iPhone as a birthday present? You certainly did. But did you realize that it will not be able to play your collection of FLAC files? No, you did not. In order to save you from a headache of what to do with your FLAC files and for those music lovers are just about to make that step (in favour of iPhone), we decided to write this article about how to play FLAC on your iPhone.

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Why can’t I play FLAC on my iPhone?

Many users do not even expect such a thing from a popular brand, everyone believes that if the file format is universal and is getting more and more followers, their device will be able to play it. This is not the case with iPhone and App Store in general. None of the iOS devices support FLAC format. There is no official reason for it – it can be anything, even jealousy. Furthermore, in the App Store you will not be able to purchase files in FLAC format, however you will be able to find a rather big number of ALAC files. What is ALAC? It is also a lossless music format, just like FLAC. On the technical levels, ALAC has some minor differences, but otherwise FLAC and ALAC are very similar and can be treated as clones of each other.

Chances are that your iPhone will not even recognize your FLAC files because they are not supported natively. Here are a couple of ways that will help you play your FLAC library on your iPhone and other devices:

Convert FLAC to ALAC

This might be one of the easiest but also a rather time-consuming method. It is simple: you just have to convert your FLAC files to ALAC and listen to them without any problem. As we have already mentioned, since both FLAC and ALAC are very similar lossless formats, if one converts them there will be no loss in the quality of the file. So, if your music library does not have a lot of FLAC files, go ahead and convert them! To help you with that there is a wide range of programs that will convert them for you for free or at a small charge. We particularly liked XLD and Max. They are both free and have proven to be easy in use and stable at all times. These programs support different codecs, make sure the converted files are of the best quality and will even help you rip your CDs (if you ever feel like doing it). We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with them and will never have to think about how to play FLAC on your iPhone or Mac.

Getting a player that will be able to play FLAC

This option might be a much more sensible one for those who have extensive libraries of music files in different formats. Besides, it can be a better solution for those who are not used to or are not big fans of App Store and iTunes. Since FLAC format is becoming more and more popular every day, a number of programs and apps which can play it is constantly increasing. We suggest you to opt for a player that can play a big number of both lossy and lossless formats. Our number one is VOX music player.

VOX can be downloaded, but can surely compete with all the other pricey players. Why? Because this player was created specifically for music-philes. In other words, the quality of the sound is the best you could ever ask for (thanks to the enhanced Bass technology) and the variety of the formats supported is quite impressive (OGG, ALAC, MP3, WMA and APE, to name just a few). You can play your FLAC files both on your iPhone or Mac, the versions for Windows and Android will be out very soon (we checked it ;) ).

As a bonus, you can use VOX Cloud – an infinite music cloud storage for all your music files. VOX Cloud is a completely new approach to music. It allows you to synchronize your libraries from your iPhone and Mac and be able to access them any time you want, wherever you want. All of your music is stored in its initial quality and even lossless formats remain unchanged when you listen to them, i.e. FLAC stays FLAC.

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In addition, you may download some of the tracks for offline listening – you never know when you might end up having problems with your Internet. And probably the best is that it is really infinite. You can store millions of albums and you will still have space for more! Do you still have any doubts which player to choose?

Whether you decide to convert your FLAC files to ALAC or install VOX music player – it is your choice and we will be happy to know that we helped you make it. ☺