Problems of Audiophiles – What Makes Us Cry?

Certains things people tend to do and situations in which we find ourselves can lead audiophiles AKA music lovers to anger, tears, sadness and other stuff. Here's our compilation of such things. The following situations are taken from our personal experience:  

1. When you're into your music too much and forget you're in public. 
2. When you ask somebody what music they're into, and they go 'All sorts of it'.
3. When you're on a date, trying to be serious, but you can't help singing to that tune in a bar.

4. When you play a song for somebody but they keep talking and don't listen.
5. When they say they love Radiohead but know only Creep.
6. When you've finished listening to a new album and realize you have to wait for another couple of years. 

7. When people ask you to pick one favorite album.
8. When they don't know it's just a cover.
9. When a new album you absolutely love gets crushed by critics. 

Jason Zabowski
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