Two things we want to see in 2018


Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is shaping all entertainment areas, including music. This new audiovisual format isn't far-fetched as there are already dozens or 360º music videos (remember Saturnz Barz by Gorillaz). Adjusting such videos to VR sets seems quite possible in 2018. Let's just hope it's gonna be improved.
But it's not only Youtube video that can get a changed format. Music festivals can also get VR as not everybody can go to all fests they want. However, streaming to a VR from a live performance sounds like a great solution. It may offer a brand-new way to experience your favorite artist of DJ. Lollapalooza and Coachella have already expressed their interest in this idea, so the rest are likely to follow their example.
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Synthwave comeback

Love for the '80 culture is trendy again. Stranger Things, neon lights everywhere, mystical electronic sound – seems like it's time for Synthwave to hit the world again. The reborn of this particular genre was predicted by the fact that we always return to what was once cool. We're done with the 90's, so now it's time for the 80's.

We just want synthwave and retrowave back!