Apple Music alternative for audiophiles. An exclusive music storage solution for iPhone and Mac

If you don’t have enough iPhone storage for all your music you must have considered using Apple Music. As simple as that, if you want to listen to any music you like on your phone, which inevitably lacks storage space for your library, you will want to stream music.

Look for an alternative. Using Apple Music is a very natural decision for an iPhone and Mac owner. Not everybody was a fan of iTunes, for obvious reasons. So Apple has created a much better solution for music.

Problems it solves are mostly storage matters. While it is not very convenient to store music in your iPhone as it clearly doesn’t have enough memory for storing multiple audio tracks it gets even harder when your music collection is far exceeding storage space available on your computer. And, with Apple music, you sort of, ummm, don’t need it. I mean you don’t need to have music. Some people thinks it’s nice, but thats a rather disputable matter and here’s why.

Reasons why you need an alternative to Apple Music:

  • you have a lot of music you own and keep adding audios to your collection:
  • you want a better quality of sound.
  • you are not very much into song suggestions, curated playlists and prefer nothing distracting in your music player, because all you need is to concentrate on music.

If you would like to switch from Apple Music (or, alternatively, don’t like streaming services in particular) a great alternative for Apple Music are cloud music streaming services. Whether you have collected your music from CDs, bought on the Internet or captured from analog resources if you truly care for music – you will want quality. Check out our article – why not MP3. Something else you would like to have in your music streaming is security. Using cloud music streaming is a great idea as you don’t have to worry that your HDD breaks down and your precious music collection will be lost or damaged. You would probably appreciate it if your music was securely stored and safe kept on different music servers around the world.

Tired of streaming with Apple Music? Are you looking for Apple Music Alternative?

As an alternative to Apple Music – try a cloud music streaming service, like VOX Cloud music player for Mac and iPhone.

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Who inspires us? Audiophiles What inspires us? Music Who do we work for? Picky audiophiles, music junkies and sound catchers. What do we do for them? Let’s find out!

We can give you an UNLIMITED storage. For all your music. Imagine a place where you could safely store your whole music collection. Sounds good, doesn’t it? To get a better understanding compare 30 million tracks Apple Music offers to 38 million audios in total, uploaded to their clouds BY OUR USERS. This makes for 4500 terabytes in overall size.

Now imagine we could stream your music to you in all formats including FLAC, ALAC, MP3, OGG, APE and many others. And we will deliver it to you in High definition, with no quality loss. Sounds good, huh?

Right, because VOX Cloud is for music lovers who decide to take the easier path.

Save up disc space and take care of your music library.

Numerous gigabytes of audio can be stored in VOX Cloud for you to:

  • Have your music with you anywhere and anytime.
  • Back up your tunes. Be sure your collection won’t be lost or damaged.
  • Save up disc space and forget about using external HDDs.

Get the best quality.

Your music collection deserves that great playback. It’s one extra reason to feel happy that you got yourself that amazing sound system and these brilliant earphones. Listen in HD to such formats as FLAC, ALAC, MP3, APE, OGG and others.

Design matters!

We have put a lot of effort in finding out just how you would like to see the music player and cloud storage you use everyday. Music is greatly intervened with aesthetics. Also, they say “A great design is as little design as possible”. Also, and most importantly, we know that you want no distractions. VOX music players are beautifully designed to become a fulfilling yet seamless part of your music experience.

Value your time

Time is important. We have taken of your interaction with the cloud music service you use. Simply drag and drop music you want to listen to VOX music player. We take the rest from you. All your music will be automatically synchronised between Mac and iPhone by VOX Cloud.

  • Upload music in seconds.
  • Create playlist that will be synced between your Mac and iPhone.


Cash songs, albums and playlists for listening offline for the no-connection times.

All your music in one place

Love listening to music on Soundcloud and Spotify? Listen to your favourite songs from Spotify and Soundcloud in VOX music player and add them to your regular playlists!

Enjoy extra features, that can brighten your experience:

  • Built in radio with 30, 000 + radio stations in more than 18 genres.
  • CarPlay and Airplay.

Download VOX Player for Mac and iPhone. Best Hi-Res Players

VOX for Mac and iPhone is a standalone excellent music player! Give it a try and…

Stay in tune!