A short story of Sony Walkman!

Today we can't imagine our life without a music player. It's with us almost all the time: when we are in the city, on vacation, on our way to work, on a plane and even in the mountains or on a beach.

But the situation was completely different 38 years ago.☝

Personal portable music didn't exist for most of human history until Sony Walkman came along. It was a real revolution in the world of music.A Sony first portable cassette player, Sony Walkman, was introduced in 1979 for $150. The Walkman's real innovation was its size. It was stylish and comfortable to carry and slightly larger than a cassette.

Thanks to a pair of portable, lightweight headphones and being operated on AA batteries, it ushered in a new era of portability. Sony did their best so that people could enjoy music anywhere!In 1981 Sony introduced amazing commercial of their great player. Soon, Sony Walkman became one of the most successful brands of all times. Over 400 million Walkman portable music players have been sold.

The first CD Walkman was initially launched in 1984. Originally known as the Discman. Today Discmans can play CDs in numerous formats (MP3& Sony's own proprietary formats).

In April 2010, the last Walkman cassette player was released at Sony enterprises. Unfortunately, when Apple introduced its 1 iPod, a Walkman era came to its end. Apple started a new epoch of music. But it's a different story.😉

Now you can enjoy your favorite tracks anytime and anywhere, and VOX will gladly help you with this.🎧📲