7 Things No Audiophile Should Have

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I know how exhausting it might be to make the most out of your listening experience, but you should never go over the limit in your efforts and moreover, avoid some of the things trying to optimize your music sources. To make sure that only clean and distortion-free sound surrounds you, promise never to have the following things. At all costs. I mean it. 

Shower CD player

Shower audio player
For Hendrix's sake, listen to your music in the shower, it's beautiful. But don't waste your money on gimmicks that can't provide decent listening experience. There're plenty of ways to set up an audio system in your bathroom without making your ears suffer from audio pain. A portable JBL will work fine.  

Cheap iPhone dock

An iPhone dock
Even the pickiest audiophile can't help it but have some MP3, however, when it comes to filling a room with your Hi-Res collection, a shitty iPhone dock won't help. Lossy audio formats always sacrifice quality for convenience. Such sound can't be better using a poor dock, it can only make it worse. Instead of a dock, try a Hi-Fi system. Even an ordinary one can get decent results. 

Complicated equalizer

Elaborate equalizer
Remember a simple rule – you must spend more time listening to music than you spend preparing to listen to it. With the right equipment, the record is likely to sound exactly how the producer intended. Excessive use of an equalizer can oppose it. Don't be very obsessed with it, limit the adjustment time and focus on listening. 

Lightweight turntable

Lightweight turntable
If you decided to switch to vinyl, I'm super glad for you. But a 12" record is worth it only if you have a decent equipment for playing it. A cheap turntable with a light platter can add some unwanted noise due to audio vibrations. Moreover, modern turntable use ceramic cartridges which are usually heavier. They result in damaging your records over time. Those scratches won't make it sound old-school or whatever, more like dubstep.

Overpriced cables

Expensive audio cables
Audiophiles are famous for spending money on supposedly pointless items. Don't be a stereotype by throwing hundreds of dollars on luxury cables and wires. To some extent, higher-quality cables may help you reach a better listening experience, but after some point, they're a waste of money that you can spend on equipment that does make a change.  

Mediocre earbuds

Apple Earbuds
A great way to maximize the audio quality is to always give preference to Hi-Res audio formats. Sadly, cheap earbuds aren't designed to complement the benefits of that decision. It doesn't mean, though, that you have to be opting for trendy, opulent headphones, or bass-heavy buds. It could work out were you a naive teenager, but most people agree such buds only distort the sound. Find the happy medium.

CD wallet

CD wallet
If you know what it is, you must have been born before 1995. This is a rare object nowadays, but if you want to protect your CD collection, don't try to stick them in that hideous case. Such wallets fit better for kids who don't know what to do with their porn DVDs. There's a big chance of scratching your disks, and you can no longer read the packaging and notes that complement the album listening experience. 

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