Best Short Songs Under Two Minutes


Although I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan, I believe that to create an impression of greatness, songs don't necessarily have to be long. Sometimes a few seconds is enough to start the right vibe and give us the 'chills'. Today I'm presenting you my favorite songs up to two minutes. These are compositions of artists famous all around the world, and somehow these compositions are usually left behind. Except for Sex Bob-Omb. Only for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World fans.

Sex Bob-Omb – Garbage Truck

Lenght: 1:45

Tame Impala – Nangs

Length: 1:43

Arcade Fire – Infinite_Content

Length: 1:42

Gorillaz – Punk

Length: 1:38

Radiohead – I Will

Length: 1:59 (original version)

Queens Of The Stone Age – Six Shooter

Length: 1:19

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