Lossless music online&offline

Listening to Hi-Res audio is like watching HD video.

After watching in HD format once, you will never switch to lousy 240p. True audiophiles know the difference is the same with listening to lossless and lossy music.

But how can you get the heavenly quality of lossless music?  Two ways are on the plate:

- get the audio hardware that doesn’t mess up the playback
- find the medium that enables you to listen lossless music

The first one is not that hard to get if you’ve got money, but with the second one – the struggle is real.

These days we can listen to lossless through fancy music streaming services. They all are paid services with the trial periods. Those are like honeymoons, but the daily routine comes (or the bill, to be exact).


After bumping into the recently acquired by Jay Z TIDAL you fall in love with its beautiful design, a library of 25 million songs and the exclusive music videos.

Sounds cool, but let’s dig deeper. Its monthly subscription for Hi-Res playback is $19.99. So this is a price for a good meal at, let’s say Longhorn Steakhouse. You’ll be skipping it from now on.

Another drawback is that TIDAL doesn’t offer music downloads for purchase. You cannot take those 25 million songs with you to the Grand Canyon or the woods in Washington. Not happening.

On the part of the exclusive music videos, that’s where TIDAL is pretty unique. But if you are not that much visual and audio is the subject of your primary search, you might want to re-think your choice of the music streaming service.


Deezer is also a Hi-Res music streaming service. It tops the TIDAL’s library with 45 million songs. Those are, again, available online for about $15 monthly.

One awesome thing Deezer is original at - it works with the premium quality audio hardware – the SONOS systems. If you are not using those, however, there is not much you can get from this advantage.


With Qobuz, you might finally find yourself happy.
It offers online streaming for about $15 monthly as well as music purchasing for up to $3 per track. Much of the music it sells is French, which can be explained with the company’s origin.

But when you finally download something on Qobuz, what do you use to listen to it? iTunes? Not good for lossless.


That’s why, so selfishly of us, we like VOX.
VOX is a FREE offline music player that keeps the playback of lossless audio files lossless. No compression. It’s available on Mac and iPhone.

Although, VOX would be boring without Loop. Loop, the unlimited cloud-based music storage, is integrated into VOX. You can upload all your music from the Mac or iPhone (regular iTunes library) right into the Loop. To check the price for Loop ckick here.
Loop also doesn’t compress the files, so FLACs stay FLACs in Loop. If you cache your music from Loop in VOX, you can listen to it offline, also in lossless format. Now how cool is that?

SoundCloud lovers can easily connect their account with the VOX player. This way if the audio files you were listening to on SoundCloud, are in FLAC format, VOX will play them in FLAC too without messing up the quality.

The last great thing we absolutely adore about VOX lately – YouTube music streaming. You cannot cache YouTube content, but as long as you are online, you can enjoy your favorite music from YouTube on VOX while on the go.

Why pay extra for online streaming? Why pay for the cloud storages that worsen the quality of the already pricey Hi-Res music? Why stick to your laptop, when you can be free with VOX?

Try it out yourself by downloading on the AppStore.

No need to say “Thanks”.

It’s just our job ;)