10 Hip-Hop Songs And Their Original Samples

Artists love samples. These are some my favorites. Hip-Hop's relationship with old-school samples is legendary. From its very conception, Hip-Hop borrows loop sections of Funk, Jazz and Soul tracks and transforms them into most famous songs of all time of the genre. Sometimes it's done so well that you don't even realize it's a sample, so sit back and join us as we study some of the best Hip-Hop samples ever. For the best experience, first, listen to the hip-hop version and then check out its sample. 

Hip-Hop: Dr. Dre - The Next Episode

Sample: David McCallum - The Edge

Hip-Hop: Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day

Sample: – The Isley Brothers - Footsteps In The Dark

Hip-Hop: N.W.A - Fuck Tha Police 

Sample: Roy Ayers - Boogie Back

Hip-Hop: Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise 

Sample: Stevie Wonder - Pastime Paradise

Hip-Hop: Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg - Nuthin' But A G Thang 

Sample: Leon Haywood - I Want a Do Something Freaky To You

Hip-Hop: 2Pac - Me Against the World 

Sample: Isaac Hayes - Walk on By

Hip-Hop: Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M. 

Sample: The Charmels - As Long As I've Got You

Hip-Hop: Public Enemy - Rebel Without A Pause

Sample: The J.B's - The Grunt (Part 1) 

Hip-Hop: Kid Frost - La Raza 

Sample: El Chicano - Viva Tirado

Hip-Hop: Cypress Hill - How I Could Just Kill A Man

Sample: Manzel - Midnight Theme

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