Does iCloud backup music?
or the best alternative!

Today we will talk about a very important process, which every single person should do time after time – we will talk about the backup of their files. Even though nowadays everyone knows about the importance of backups, unfortunately, not everyone does it. Storing memories, important information and favourite things could not be easier – you can save tons of family videos and your music aspirations on your tiny USB-stick or on your external hard drive. Even though you might think that your laptop or hard drive will be able to survive any weather condition, you are terribly mistaken. Anything can happen – from losing your laptop  or accidentally formatting the disc to surviving the hurricane – in order to avoid losing your files, you need to back them up in the most secure way. That’s why we will talk about iCloud today.

Every person has their priorities, of course, but nobody likes loosing their belongings, even if they do not care that much about them. Some people love going through their pictures again and again, whereas others rely on the files needed for work. This article was written for those who cannot live without music – we will talk about how to make sure that your music is always with you. We will focus on iCloud and whether one can backup their music with the help of it.

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So, does iCloud backup music or not? Let’s find out!

What is iCloud all about?

iCloud is a storage and backup service for iOS users. There is a version for Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch; you may also install it on a Windows computer. With the help of iCloud you will be able to not only store your files in the so-called “Cloud” but also to access them on various devices whenever you need them. It is a very convenient way to manage your files and synchronize them between various devices. iCloud also saves one from doing a manual backup of their files – it was created in order to keep your files always safe.

So how does it work?

If you decide to start using iCloud you should know that some of your files will be automatically backed up and some of them will be stored. The difference is that if you need to restore the files you backed up, they will be downloaded one more time to your device, i.e. if you purchased an album on iTunes, it will be downloaded to your iPhone when you decide to reset it. The list of the things which are stored on the iCloud is not very long, but it is meant to make your life much easier. Here is the list: contacts, calendars, bookmarks, mail, documents you saved on iCloud, shared photo streams and notes – all of these will be stored on your cloud.

What about music? Does iCloud backup music and how?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, all the content purchased on iTunes will be backed up on your account and you will be able to download it to your device if you need it. But if you have any music that was not purchased on iTunes, unfortunately, you will not be able to back it up.

So which content can be backed up?

All music, videos, podcasts, apps, books and everything else what can be bought on iTunes; ringtones, messages, photos and videos from your camera roll, your settings and application data.

There are a couple more things to mention. First of all, once you install iCloud you automatically get 5 GB of storage for free. If you need more it is very easy to add it – you simply have to go to Settings and then to “iCloud”. Now select “Storage and Backup” and choose “Change Storage Plan”. Once you have selected the plan, just click on “Buy” and proceed with the payment. Secondly, you can choose what exactly needs to be backed up by changing your preferences in the “Manage Storage” section. When you press on “Show All”, you will see the list of your apps and will be able to select whether you want them backed up or not. If you need to restore your files from iCloud, you have to go to your Settings, then choose “General” and tap “Reset”. Next, select “Erase All Content and Settings” and choose “Restore from iCloud Backup”. Now choose the backup you need and download it. Once your iPhone or any other device you are using restarts, all your files and settings will be restored.

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Today we tried to answer the question: “Does iCloud backup music?” and looked closely at iCloud and at an alternative cloud-based storage for music called VOX Cloud. Let us know which music backup option you prefer!